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R22 Pilot – New Jersey

HelicopterAcademy.com contract for BOATPIX.COM: R22 Pilot
HelicopterAcademy.com contract for BOATPIX.COM
United States

Job Location:
New Jersey


Do you need to build helicopter time?   We have cheap timebuilding opportunities where you pay $200/hour to get to our hiring minimums.     Our plan is to take you to 300 hours and get a job with us.  Our jobs require that you have 100 hours in the amphibious pontoon equipped R22 Mariner as this is what we fly and if you pay us for 100 hours you will then get a job with us.    http://helicopteracademy.com/hire.htm   We have helicopters throughout the US. Foreign pilots welcome to build time.  We fly the most in August so call now.  Financing is available.   If you are at a flight school that can't hire you come over to us as we do three times as much photo as primary flight instruction and we have the jobs.  If you went to a flight school and they didn't hire you this is a great option to get back into flying even if you haven't flown in a long time as you will fly with a CFI doing this photo contract and get current.   If you have a ppl(H) we will give you one hour of free time to see what we do.  It is fun.  It is low level.  We are celebrating our 30th year in business.  Call or text manager  Tom McDermott at 561-346-2816   www.r22.us 


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