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R22 Sky Sign Helicopter Pilot – Maryland

R22 Sky Sign Helicopter Pilot

Bootcamp Helicopters, LLC: R22 Sky Sign Helicopter Pilot
Bootcamp Helicopters, LLC
5430 Lynx Lane; Suite 176
Columbia, Maryland 21044-2302
United States

Job Location:

Contact: Robert Schapiro
Ph: 301-717-5455

Bootcamp Helicopters, LLC is looking to hire one to two part-time pilots to fly Sky Sign in the Baltimore/DC area.

Job Description
Pilot will receive flight orders from Director of Operations usually 24 hours in advance of flight. Orders will include the time, location, and a follow-up e-mail with the Sky Sign message file. He/she must prepare to arrive at the airport in Clarksville, MD with enough time to preflight the helicopter and sign, upload message file to the computer, file a DC SFRA flight plan, receive a departure clearance, and (during winter months) pre-heat the helicopter. He/she will need to arrive on location at the specified time. During the flight, he/she will maintain communication with the ground spotter using one radio, while communicating with ATC with the other.

All flights occur during night hours, so pilot will log a significant amount of night flight time. Our normal refueling airport, when in the Baltimore area is 25 NM from the departure airport, so pilot will log cross country time as well. Depending on sunrise/sunset schedule, flights will take place between 05:30 - 07:00 and between 17:00 - 21:00. Weekend flights may go as late at midnight. Pilots will not be expected to fly both shifts in one day, however they may elect to do so.

Occasionally, pilots will be asked to assist in attaching/removing the sign under the supervision of an A&P. This process usually takes about an hour to 90 minutes. When the opportunity arises to re-position the aircraft to nearby cities (e.g. Ocean City, Atlantic City, New York City, Richmond, etc.), pilot will be the first offered the second seat for the ferry flights.

The position pays $50 per revenue flight hour and $30 to assist in attaching/removing the sign.


  • 500 hours total helicopter time
  • 50 hours in the DC SFRA
  • 50 hours in the Robinson R22
  • Hold an R22 PIC endorsement
  • Hold a valid second-class medical certificate
  • Have completed the RHC Safety Course within previous 7 years
  • Must be able to hover the R22 in place for upwards of 2 hours.
  • Must be experienced in the DC SFRA and surrounding Class B airspace.
  • Must be able to handle flying the helicopter while communicating on two radios and occasionally changing messages on the laptop computer (in the passenger seat).
  • Must know how to operate a Garmin hand-held GPS.
  • Must be a team-player. No Blue Falcons please.
  • Pilots who know the general layout of highways in the Maryland/Northern Virginia area are preferred.
  • Pilots who hold a DC FRZ PIN, or are in the process of obtaining one are preferred.

Sky Sign Description
Sky Sign was invented and patented by Sky Sign Inc. There are photos are videos available at:http://www.bootcamplights.com. The helicopter and sign have a Supplemental Type Certificate and have been inspected and approved by an IA and two FAA airworthiness inspectors. When the sign is attached, the aircraft operates in Restricted Category. We hold an FAA waiver to allow us to fly at 500 ft. while operating under Restricted Category. The sign adds about 105 lbs. to the aircraft and places the CG considerably farther aft. Due to the aft CG, this is a single-pilot operation. Normal cruise speed with the sign attached at full power is 55 to 60 KIAS. The aircraft is very maneuverable with the sign and is very difficult to settle with power.

Contact Information
If you feel you are qualified for the positions, please e-mail resume and/or questions to:
Chief Pilot: Robert Schapiro
E-Mail: RMSchapiro@bootcamphelicopters.com
Phone: 301-717-5455
(E-Mails Preferred)


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