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Police Helicopter Pilot – Manitoba


COMPETITION #10 - 2011

The Line pilot is responsible for the safe operation of the WPS helicopter during all phases of flight. Prior to flight, the pilot obtains a weather briefing and ensures that the aircraft is safe and able to perform the required mission. Air Traffic Control communications, weather conditions and operational parameters are continually monitored to ensure optimum flight safety.

When workload permits and safely able to do so, the pilot assists the Tactical Flight Officer with geographic locations, containment and tactics, operation of the Spotlight, and communications with WPS.

The work is both self assigned, through the monitoring of the police radio / duty cell phone, and delegated and monitored by the Chief Pilot or the Patrol Sergeant of Flight Operations Unit.

A pilot of the helicopter is part of an airborne police team enhancing the safety of members and citizens alike. The police teams are able to light up traffic stops, manage pursuits safely, and assist in apprehending criminals that would otherwise have escaped, search for missing people and numerous other tasks leading to a safer workplace for members and a safer community for the citizens.

Interested applicants are encouraged to review the minimum qualifications and follow the steps of the Application Procedure.

Applications received after the closing date will not be considered for this competition.

via City of Winnipeg - UD : Winnipeg Police Service Recruiting : Line Helicopter Pilot.

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