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[Update] Med Trans Air Medical Transport – Multiple U.S. Locations


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We Speak Your Language.


We're a company led by pilots.

Our CEO started his career as a PIC.

Our CFO is a PIC.


Our leaders have flown miles in your seat.


We like new aircraft, just like you. We fly new aircraft.

We want to fly safely, just like you. We're 100% NVG.

We want hands-on training, just like you. We do quarterly, hands-on, in aircraft (not simulators) training.

We don't like to be second-guessed on our flight turndowns, just like you. We trust our pilots' decisions.


Why are you flying for a company that doesn't know pilots like we do?


Our passion is flying. Our mission is saving lives.

What's yours?


If you're ready to join a team of elite EMS helicopter pilots, expedite your resume to waypoint:


Join our team in:

� New Mexico

� West Texas

� Kentucky


Special financial incentives for many locations. Transfer opportunities always offered internally first.

Experience Needed:

 2000 total helicopter flight hours

 1000 PIC in helicopters

 1000 turbine flight hours

 200 helicopter night-flight hours

 Current FAA commercial certificate with rotorcraft

 Helicopter instrument rating

 Current FAA Class II medical certificate

 Prefer Bell 407 or EC135 experience

 Flight currency day and night is a must!

via Med Trans Air Medical Transport.

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