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407 Captain, VFR/NVG – Texas

PHI Air Medical: 407 Captain, VFR/NVG - Victoria, TX
PHI Air Medical
United States

Job Location:

PHI Air Medical Group (operating under CAMTS guidelines) // Single Pilot VFR/NVG (Instrument rating required) // 24 Hrs. operations (day/night rotation) // Successful applicant is required to live within 1 hour drive of base // Relocation package is available // If relocation package is utilized - 2 year minimum service requirement per CBA // Housing will not be provided



Victoria, TX


Experience Necessary: CAMTS Requirement // 2000 Hrs. Total // 1500 Hrs. Helicopter // 1000 Hrs. PIC Helicopters // 500 Hrs. Turbine Helicopters // 100 Hrs. in Unaided Night Operations // Commercial and Instrument Helicopter Ratings // 215 lbs. Body Weight Limit // 407 Qualified & Current Preferred // 2 Years EMS Experience Preferred // 100 Hrs. Mountain Time Preferred // 150 Hrs. Night Time or 10 Hrs. Night Time in Past 36 Months Preferred // Night Vision Goggles Experience Preferred // 200 Hrs. in Type Preferred // 100 Hrs. Instrument Time or 10 Hrs. Instrument Time in Past 36 Months // Strong Communication, Internal and External Customer Service Skills // Schedule 7&7 Day/Night Rotation // Must Maintain a Residence Within 60 Miles of Base

Successful applicant will participate in community outreach programs and adhere to PHI Air Medical Group policies // Some lifting will be required to assist in the loading and unloading of patients and equipment.

Please send resume to kcook@phihelico.com

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