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CFR Part 135 Air Carrier / Flight Instructor Pilot – Kansas

DWTA Helicopters: CFR Part 135 Air Carrier / Flight Instructor Pilot
DWTA Helicopters , Kansas
United States

Job Location:

CFR Part 135 / Flight Instructor Pilot - Immediate Openings

Begin Your Professional Air Carrier Career at 500 Hrs TT...

CFR135 Multi-Aircraft / Multi-Pilot Helicopter Operator seeking strong pilots for growing organization.  Successful applicants MUST be self motivated and initiated, enthusiastic, team / solution oriented in the performance of all activities ranging from CFR135 Air Carrier Work through Professional Flight Instruction.  Selected individual(s) will have opportunity to receive A & P training in conjunction with 135 certification.   Excellent interpersonal, flight (to include instrument skills) reliability and integrity a must.  PBO in Kansas, but other base location opportunities exist.

Essential Functions

  • Perform duties as DWTA Helicopters Air Carrier / CFI Pilot necessary to ensure the highest levels of Proficiency, Quality and Professionalism
  • Assist in the Development of Programs to meet Operational Requirements
  • Actively Seek new Business Opportunities
  • Operate Independently and Reliably

 Minimum requirement(s)

  • 500 Hours TT Helicopter [Including 300 Instruction]
  • Helicopter Commercial, Instrument, CFI & CFII - (CFII optional for right pilots)
  • Minimum 1 Year Instruction Experience
  • SFAR 73 endorsed for PIC & Flight Instructor R44 [R22 Endorsement with R44 Qualification Acceptable for right pilot]


  • $30/hr Ground and Flight for Instruction
  • $40/hr for ALL Other Revenue Flight Time


e-mail resumes including height and weight to:  contact@dwtair.com

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