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[Repost] Tuna Boat Pilots – Guam

Hansen Helicopters: Tuna Boat Pilots
Hansen Helicopters

Job Location:
Outside USA/Canada

Contact: Marvin Reed
Helicopter Pilots- Tuna Boats in the South Pacific.  Minumum requirments; 1,000 hrs. total helicopter
PIC, 100 hrs. turbine, 25 hrs. in type (H500).  $3,693.00 per month, we pay airfare to and from the
vessel, after completion of a 1 yr. contract, a $2,500.00 bonus after the one year for no-down time
or broken machine.  Contact ; Hansen Helicopters at 671-649-9580/81 Fax. 671-649-9582  or
email. marvreed@hotmail.com.

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