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Offshore Co-Pilot – United Kingdom

Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen (NHV) is looking for:

1 x COP EC155 or AS365N3

Environment & Setting

•NHV is a fast growing international helicopter operator, with HQ in Ostend (Belgium). Momentarily about 300 employees work for NHV.

•NHV activities are located in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, French-Guyana and West-African countries (Ghana, Ivory Coast…).

•NHV provides daily off- & on-shore helicopter services for the Oil & Gas Industry, the Belgian & Dutch Shipping Pilot Services, French & Belgian hospitals, the Belgian Government and the Dutch Ministry of Defense.

•NHV is an official Eurocopter Maintenance, Distributor & Service Center, with base maintenance stations in Belgium & Ghana.

•NHV is licensed by the Belgian authorities as a Flight Training Organization (FTO). NHV has its own Flight Simulator in Ostend (Be).

•Pilots are CPL-and IFR-licensed.

•The Business Unit Northern Europe has its operations in Den Helder, Rotterdam, Norwich, Wick, …

•Operations are 24/7 (365 days/year).

•The operations consist out of transport of persons and goods, OGP and Medivac.

•Two helicopter-types are used in the operations: EC155B1 and AS365N3.

•Customer is Shell and Tullow.


Main purpose of the job

To execute scheduled shuttle flights in the most cost effective and safe manner in accordance with aviation regularities and NHV standards.


Tasks & Duties

The co-pilot’s primary accountabilities & responsibilities are:

•Understanding the client’s business & needs, under the decision and supervision of the Base Manager and BU Manager.

•Acting responsible to the pilot-in-command in assisting to conduct an efficient flight.

•Maintaining familiarity with the relevant Belgian, Dutch and international air legislation, agreed aviation practices and local procedures.

•Maintaining familiarity with NHV’s Operations Manual, FOI’s and other related manuals, procedures and instructions for fulfilling the job.

•Assisting the pilot-in-command when requested, with respect to administrative flight duties.

•Supporting the pilot-in-command in maintaining a proper standard of crew discipline, conduct and personal appearance.

•Carrying out flight duties, in accordance with NHV’s SOP’s, limitations and performance related to the allocated helicopter type.

•Taking care of tasks forwarded by the Base Manager to the crew for offshore operations (Oil & Gas).

•Leading by example and promoting a team spirit amongst colleagues.

•Respecting the code of conduct and overall behavior towards the whole NHV team, as well as respecting the ‘Drugs & Alcohol’ policy.

•Respecting the local content, culture and environment and adapt accordingly.


Labour Conditions

•You’ll be working in a team, under supervision of the Base Manager in Norwich.

•You’ll work in an equal shift roster, and you’ll have to perform 183 duties per year, 7 days of training excluded.

•7 on/7 off or 14/14 or 28/28

•Flying schedule: 5days/week

•Accommodation and transport will be foreseen



2 types of helicopters: EC 155 + AS365N3

1 helicopter in operations, 1 helicopter back-up

1 primary operations location + HQ


Requirements/Job profile

•JAA CPL (H) License.

•JAA Class 1 Medical.


•Type rating EC155 or AS365N3.

•Minimum 500 hours total flight time.

•English Proficiency Level 4

•Good ICT-knowledge (specific aviation software & administrative programs).

•Valid car driver’s license.

•Knowing & playing the procedures & processes (operational, quality, safety,…) installed by the company.

•Flexible (e.g. for double crewing).


•Easy contact, social and communicator.

•Team player.

•Customer focused.

•Result driven and initiative taker.

•Working economical.

•Working accurate and precise.



NHV has its own FTO and training department at our Head offices in Ostend. We give company specific training courses and on the job training.


Terms & Conditions

A 100% UK contract for indefinite period in a young and dynamic company, with a competent team in a professional but challenging environment. The opportunity can be taken to widen your knowledge and aviation enthusiasm.  And based on the qualifications and experience as a helicopter pilot, a competitive wage will be offered.



If you are interested in this position, fill in the application form and you will receive more details about the recruitment & selection process. To be considered please provide us with all the necessary documents and information: A valid JAA CPL License, your certificate of revalidation, a valid JAA Medical Class 1, flight hours, work experience, motivation for the function and the email addresses of two references.

If you don’t receive an answer within four weeks, you will be kept in our Recruitment Reserve.

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