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Assistant Chief Pilot – Florida

Florida Keys Mosquito Control is looking for a qualified dual rated pilot for aerial application of mosquito controls. This is a highly responsible, professional and administrative position which requires assisting the Chief Pilot with the supervision of flight crews and flight operations. This includes the administration of rules and regulations governing the operation of District aircraft; safety, technical, medical and flight proficiency qualifications of pilots; and ensuring that the operation of District aircraft conforms with applicable Federal and state rules and policies as set forth by the District Board of Commissioners and administered by the Executive Director, when so assigned.

Responsibility also includes aircraft piloting, management of flight crews, record keeping, scheduling, instructing and performing pilot flight training and evaluations.

This position requires the individual to pilot district aircraft at low altitudes over populated and congested areas. This individual will be exposed to adverse environmental conditions, noise, vibration, close proximity to moving parts, working in high places, exposure to chemicals, fumes, odors, oils and may be required to wear a respirator and/or other protective equipment.

Minimum Requirements:
1. High school diploma or equivalent.
2. 3,000 hours Total Flight Time and 500 hours in multiengine aircraft; 1500 hours helicopter with 500 hours as Pilot in Command.
3. 100 hours of aerial application (Desired).
4. Possession of a valid FAA Commercial pilot certificate with airplane multiengine land and instrument ratings.
5. Possession of a Certified Flight Instructor certificate with multiengine airplane land and/or rotorcraft-helicopter rating.
6. Possession of a current FAA 2nd Class Medical Certificate.
7. Licensed in "Public Health Pest Control" and "State Aerial Applicator" from the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, or able to obtain such certification within six months.
8. Knowledge of ArcGIS or similar computer mapping programs.
(Any or all of the above stated minimum requirements may be waived by the Chief Pilot if accepted by the District's insurance company.)

Details: Marathon, Florida; Salary: $62,000 - $106,950; Aircraft Fleet: 2 - Bell 206B, 2 - Bell206L4, 2- Turbine Islanders.

Contact information:
Amy Sargent, Chief Pilot
Cell: 305-747-0043
Office: 305-289-3700

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