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Chief Pilot – Missouri

Air Evac Lifeteam

United States

Location: Missouri

Contact: Chrissy Walker



I.                 JOB SUMMARY

Insures all company pilots operate in a standardized manner and in accordance with the applicable Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) and Air Evac EMS, Inc Operations Manual.  Responsible for the overall management of company pilots which includes the reviewing of the hiring of all new pilots, maintaining base staffing of pilots, overseeing initial and recurrent pilot training, and conducting discipline actions as needed on all company pilots.


II.               QUALIFICATIONS

A.     Education:

·       Bachelor’s degree preferred but not required

B.     Skills:

·       Commercial/Instrument Helicopter

·       Extensive knowledge of Bell 206L/407 systems

·        CFI Helicopter

·       Commercial Airplane MEL, SEL, with instrument rating

C.      Experience:

·       3000 Hours PIC Helicopter

·       500 Hours Airplane flight experience

·       Previous check airman experience

·       Previous FAR 135 management experience

·       Meets FAR 135.337 requirement to serve as a check airman

·       Meets FAR 119.71 (b) requirements

III.                 DUTIES

A.     Monitors the execution of daily flight operations

·       Reviews the monthly pilot duty schedules for the bases and ensures all shifts are staffed.

·       Advises and assists in the hiring of new pilots through the direct contact with the Regional Directors of Flight Operations.

·       Recommends disciplinary actions for non-compliance with FAR’s, aircraft flight manuals, or company operations manual within the pilot staff as appropriate.

·       Provides interface between the Senior Director of Operations and the line pilots through the Regional Director of Flight Operations for FAR compliance and all aviation technical matters.

·       Provides oversight and works with the Operation Control Center Manager to ensure Regulatory compliance on issues as they arise.

B.     Provides oversight on initial and recurrent pilot training

·       Provides oversight on aircrew training and safety programs.

·       Ensures all flying personnel are thoroughly acquainted with all relevant instructions and regulations issued by the authorities of the company.

·       Responsible for the evaluation of all company pilots and may act as a company Check Airman when so authorized by the FAA.

·       Provides oversight in the Flight Records Department, to ensure all pilot records are complete and up to date with the respect to flight experience, exemptions and regulations pertaining to the operation of all aircraft.

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