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Law Enforcement Helicopter Pilot – California

Contract Position

Office of the Sheriff, County of Santa Clara.  San Jose, CA

Job Description:  The primary mission of the Air Support Unit will be Law Enforcement Patrol.  Additional duties may include night and day searches for wanted or lost subjects, insertion of specialized tactical or enforcement units, rescue, firefighting, dignitary transportation, observation and surveillance.  Part time employment includes weekends, nights, and holidays.  The Air Support Unit may be called in to fly in emergency situations with no advanced warning, so availability to respond to emergency calls is essential.

Qualifications: Requirements include- FAA Commercial Pilot Rating (Helicopter). Minimum 3,500 hours helicopter time, as pilot-in-command. Minimum 500 hours in turbine-powered helicopters. Minimum 400 hours in make and model ( Eurocopter EC120b).  Minimum 500 hours night (250 unaided, 250 NVG). 100 landings on a dolly platform.  2nd Class FAA Medical. Helicopter Instrument Rating. NVG Current (FAR 61.31k, 61.57f). Have completed Recurrency training within the previous year (Eurocopter Training Center or other approved school). Must pass law enforcement background.

Preferred: Significant mountain flying experience. Previous experience as an Emergency Medical Services Helicopter or Law Enforcement Pilot is extremely desirable.

Background Information: This is a personal services contract or contractor position.  Pilots and services that can provide pilots who meet the minimum qualifications are encouraged to submit resumes to the Office of the Sheriff, Special Operations Division by May 10, 2013.  All resumes shall include the following: contact information, three references, a copy of all FAA licenses, certificates (with number and issue date) and ratings, date of last BFR, date of last medical, a brief narrative description of pilot experience (including any accidents or violations) and written certification documenting the number of flight hours as listed.  Additional information, such as instructor pilot, chief pilot and law enforcement experience shall also be documented. Please include the contract hourly rate proposed.   Submit resumes via fax or E-Mail no later than May 10, 2013.

Contact Lt. W. Oberst

Special Operations Division

Fax: 408-293-5192

Email: William.Oberst@Sheriff.sccgov.org

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