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Helicopter Pilot / Aviation Manager – Colorado

Job Title: Helicopter Pilot (Aviation Manager)
Sub Agency: Western Area Power Administration
Job Announcement Number: WAPA-13-DE-355
Salary Range: $103,771.00 - $134,899.00/year
Open Period: Thursday, September 05, 2013 to Sunday, September 15, 2013
Series & Grade: GS-2181-14
Position Information: Full-Time
Duty Locations: 1 vacancy(s) in one of the following locations:Lakewood, CO, US
Who May Be Considered: All U.S. Citizens

Job Summary:
(SeeFrequently Asked Questionsfor more information).
Where would I be working?
Western Area Power Administration, Corporate Services Office, Office of the Chief Operating Officer, Technical Services, Aviation (A7810).
12155 West Alameda Parkway, Lakewood, CO 80228
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Key Requirements:
You must be a United States Citizen
This employer participates in the e-Verify program
Relocation expenses may be paid according to budget
See "Other Information" section regarding Selective Service requirements

This aviation manager position requires an expert level of experience and skill gained operating rotary-wing aircraft in order to act as pilot in command (PIC) of agency owned single-engine turbine-powered helicopter (Bell Model 407) operating under 14 CFR Parts 91 and 133 programs. As a back-up pilot, applicant will effectively and efficiently fly and work in a crew environment while maintaining pilot and mission crew coordination, communications and situational awareness, to safely operate in a wire environment which may pose substantial hazards. PIC duties will include conducting flight missions at low above ground level altitudes in a wire environment for the purposes of transmission line patrols. Other mission flight requests may include transportation of Western personnel for the purposes of Microwave facility maintenance, aerial infrared or digital video requirements, facility inspections, or urgent flight requests due to power outages as a result of severe weather and/or equipment failure. Flight conditions will include operations at high density altitudes, mountainous terrain, or extreme cold winter flight conditions. The PIC will make sole determination during flight regarding deviation of route for efficient and safe operations, including interpreting weather reports from the National Weather Service (or other official weather sources) to determine altitude and flight route for VFR flight operations. As the aviation manager and chief pilot, this position requires an expert level of experience and skill in leading and managing an aviation program, including administration and oversight of: safety, training, aircraft maintenance, staffing, employee performance management, budgeting, financial monitoring and reporting, customer relations, and maintaining positive working relationships with upper management and other agency personnel and programs.

Qualifications Required:
For this position, education cannot be substituted for experience.

You must meet all the qualification and eligibility requirements for the position by the closing date of the announcement.
PILOT QUALIFICATIONS(Total hours must be documented through log books or in resume)
3,000 flight hours as Pilot in Command (PIC) in Rotorcraft-helicopter (single pilot operations).
1,500 flight hours as PIC in Single-Engine Turbine-powered helicopters (single pilot operations).
1,000 flight hours as PIC Mountain Flying experience (above 5,000 ft. Density Altitude and single pilot operations).
1.000 flight hours as PIC Low Level experience (below 500 ft. AGL and single pilot operations).
75 flight hours Instrument or Night Flight as PIC experience (single pilot operations).
10 flight hours as PIC in previous 90 days.
500 flight hours PIC Vertical Reference Long-line external load experience.
REQUIRED DOCUMENTS(If the following documents are not received your application will be incomplete and marked as ineligibile for the position)
1. FAA issued Airline Transport or Commercial certificate with appropriate category and class ratings (commercial privileges, rotorcraft-helicopter).
2. First or Second Class FAA issued Medical Certificate issued in the past 12 months (must be current at time of application).
3. FAA issued Flight Instructor certificate with appropriate ratings (rotorcraft-helicopter).
4. FAA approved Part 133 Pilot Certification to conduct Class A, B and /or C rotorcraft load combinations (either currently hold or previously held).
5. At a minimum;most recent 2 yearsof company issued Form 8410 (or equivalent) Airman Competency/Proficiency Check - Part 135.
6. Copies of Pilot Log Bookorcompany documentation indicating helicopter external load flight hours.
A qualified candidate's online application and resume must demonstrate at least one year of specialized experience equivalent to the next lower grade level in the Federal service. Specialized experience for this position is defined as:
Helicopter flight operations –
This helicopter pilot position requires an expert level of knowledge and skill to safely operate a single-engine turbine-powered helicopter as pilot in command (PIC) at minimum safe airspeeds while at low above ground level altitudes involving flight operations within the transmission wire environment. Experience must include the ability to safely hover and land on unfavorable terrain and to position the helicopter in relation to transmission lines, trees and other obstacles. Experience must include the ability to safely hover out of ground effect (OGE) and land at high altitude remote locations where the density altitude (DA) may exceed 10,000 feet. Experience must include the ability to act as PIC in flight conditions that may include, but are not limited to, operations during extreme hot or cold temperatures, take-off and landings to or from high DA locations, and flight operations into mountainous terrain requiring take-off and landings into and out of confined areas or mountain pinnacles during high DA conditions, or during winter in deep snow conditions.
Experience must include an expert level of knowledge and skill required as PIC to conduct precision “Vertical Reference” (Class B & C) long line external load operations in mountainous terrain and high DA conditions.
Helicopter pilot training –
Experience must include an expert level of knowledge and skill as a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), conducting all aspects of annual re-currency helicopter pilot flight and ground training in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations CFR 14 Parts 91, 135 and 133 (Class B & C “Vertical Reference” long-line, external load flight operations).
Flight operations planning –
Experience must include a mastery level of knowledge of safety, specifically related to helicopter flight operations in order to ensure the safety of passengers, qualified non-crewmembers, pilot and mission. Specific knowledge required includes;
-Helicopter preflight inspection and determination of airworthiness,
-Briefing of passengers or qualified non-crewmembers related to helicopter safety,
-Develop and communicate all aspects of a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) or Aviation Safety Document (ASD) to appropriate Western personnel,
-Applicable Federal Aviation Regulations,
-All sections of specific Rotorcraft Flight Manual on board each of Western’s helicopters,
-Resources available to obtain, interpret, and accurately apply current and forecasted weather to planned flight route or flight activity to determine whether a particular flight shall be continued or terminated.
-Plan/schedule quarterly or annual transmission patrols and adjust schedule for other reasons such as; mission flight requests, scheduled training, annual leave or illness, cancellations for various reasons, incorporate required aircraft maintenance and in many cases unscheduled maintenance.
-Maintain situational awareness and utilize crew resource management.
Your application and resume should demonstrate that you possess the following knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs). Do NOT provide a separate narrative written response.Rather, you must describe in your application how your past work experience demonstrates that you possess the KSAs identified below.
* Ability to manage, plan, direct, organize, control, budgeting, and staffing for all aviation operations and related activities.
* Skill in evaluating aircraft charter operations, maintenance, and training programs, including PIC qualifications for Offices to ensure their compliance with Western’s ACSM, and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. Negotiates with management officials on violations, deficiencies, and other items of concern.
* Ability to serves as a backup pilot for all of Western’s field offices, maintaining proficiency and credentials to fly rotary-wing aircraft.You must meetallqualifications and eligibility requirements by the closing date of this announcement.

The U.S. Department of Energy is an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER.via Helicopter Pilot (Aviation Manager) Jobs in Lakewood, CO.

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