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Rotor-Wing Pilot IFR – Texas

REACH Air Medical Services
451 Aviation Blvd, Suite 101
Santa Rosa, California 95403
United States

Job Location:

Contact: Gary Matthews
Ph: 707-324-2400
Fx: 888-511-7633

Thank you for taking the next step in the REACH Air Medical Services hiring process!

<span 'arial','sans-serif';="" font-size:="" 9pt\"="">REACH is recruiting for a Rotor-Wing Pilot (IFR) to join the REACH Team in Houston Texas<span 'arial','sans-serif';="" mso-bidi-font-weight:="" bold\"=""><span 'arial','sans-serif';="" font-size:="" 9pt\"="">We offer a dynamic, challenging and team-oriented atmosphere for the rotor-wing pilot who is in search of the ultimate flying experience!

REACH Air Medical Services is an EMS helicopter and fixed-wing provider headquartered in Santa Rosa, California and supports operations in California, Oregon and Texas.

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REACH operates Agusta A109, Bell 407, Eurocopter EC135 helicopters, as well as King Air B200 airplanes to perform patient transports providing high quality, customer-oriented patient care in a safe and efficient manner. Our Flight Crews respond to scene and interfacility patient transport requests, specializing in the transport of critically ill and/or injured pediatric patients. REACH<span 'arial','sans-serif';="" mso-bidi-font-weight:="" bold\"=""> <span 'arial','sans-serif';="" font-size:="" 9pt\"="">has performed more than 70,000 air ambulance missions throughout the past 27 years.

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Come Fly With Us!!!

To learn more about <span 'arial','sans-serif';="" color:="" blue\"="">REACH Air Medical Services and to apply for this position, please visit our website www.REACHair.com.

<span 'arial','sans-serif';="" color:="" blue\"="">Competitive Salaries and Company-paid Benefits for Employees!
<span 'arial','sans-serif';="" font-size:="" 9pt\"="">
<span 'arial','sans-serif';="" font-size:="" 7.5pt;="" mso-bidi-font-size:="" 10.0pt;="" mso-bidi-font-style:="" italic\"="">REACH is an Equal Opportunity Employer

<span 'arial','sans-serif'\"="">Qualifications:<span 'arial','sans-serif';="" font-size:="" 12pt;="" mso-bidi-font-style:="" italic\"="">

  • <span 'arial','sans-serif';="" font-size:="" 9pt\"="">3000 hrs total helicopter time.
  • <span 'arial','sans-serif';="" font-size:="" 9pt\"="">1500 hrs PIC (helicopter).
  • <span 'arial','sans-serif';="" font-size:="" 9pt\"="">500 hrs cumulative night experience.
  • <span 'arial','sans-serif';="" font-size:="" 9pt\"="">200 hrs cumulative IFR experience.
  • <span 'arial','sans-serif';="" font-size:="" 9pt\"="">EMS and FAR 135 experience preferred.
  • <span 'arial','sans-serif';="" font-size:="" 9pt\"="">Commercial/Instrument helicopter rating.
  • <span 'arial','sans-serif';="" font-size:="" 9pt\"="">Preference is given to applicants who have previous SPIFR in an EC135
  • <span 'arial','sans-serif';="" font-size:="" 9pt\"="">Preference given to candidates with ATP rating.
  • <span 'arial','sans-serif';="" font-size:="" 9pt\"="">Preference given to candidates with NVG experience
  • <span 'arial','sans-serif';="" font-size:="" 9pt\"="">Must maintain duty weight of less than 210 lbs

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