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Assistant Chief Flight Instructor – Florida




Manage all aspects of Bristow Academy's FAA Flight Training Programs under Part 141 and Part 61 for both VFR and IFR courses with emphasis on safety, training standards, operations, and regulatory compliance for Bristow Academy in New Iberia, Louisiana. Coordinate with General Manager about performance, safety and operational concerns. Maintain routine meetings with Team Leader(s), Stage Check Pilots, and Team Leaders with regards to work loads, training standards, quality, and student status. 

Essential Functions:
    • Ensure the highest quality of flight and ground training in accordance with Bristow Academy's philosophy.
    • Ensure compliance with FAA requirements and regulations by monitoring student progress, enhancing training processes, verifying course completion requirements and record keeping standards through routine audits, and preparing for regular facility inspections.
    • Oversee Part 141 student enrollment, course compliance, and graduation to include continuous enhancement of training processes.
    • Track pass/fail rates for stage checks and checkrides for all instructors, and report to FAA Chief Flight Instructor in Titusville, FL.
    • Provide feedback to individual instructors regarding personal and student performance.
    • Ensure contractual compliance for sponsored students through regular monitoring, reporting, and performance tracking.
    • Conduct monthly stage check pilot meetings to improve training processes, to include feedback from DPEs for best practice.
    • Assist Chief Instructor with amendments or updates to new and existing Training Course Outlines (TCO’s).
    • Coordinate with Standardization Manager to ensure standardization within the Academy, to include amendments to any relevant TCOs, training flights with Instructors, and coordination with Ground Instructors, should course curricula change.
    • Disseminate TSNs and FACTS to flight instructor staff as applicable.
    • Conduct weekly Safety Meetings to all staff as appropriate, highlighting Standards issues, Industry lessons and Safety guidance
    • Audit, maintain and amend file documents as necessary to ensure document accuracy.
    • Assist Chief Instructor with amendments or updates to new and existing Training Course Outlines (TCO’s) and syllabi.
    • Conduct flight instructor proficiency checks under Part 141 and BA 250-hour safety flight checks as required.
    • Provide CFI instruction and advanced flight training such as full-down autorotation and safety training.
    • Implement Target Zero in all areas of safety. Promote a safety conscious environment in the workplace and at home. Promote Target Zero to all staff and students.
    • Conduct routine safety audits and SMS meetings ensuring the highest level of safety and coordinate with the Safety Manager to ensure a Just Culture, to include compliance and reporting of ASRs and GORs.
    • Coordinate with the General Manager and Student Services to ensure appropriate staffing levels, to include forecasting and monitoring annual training budgets based on recurrent training, standardization training, instructor authorization and re-authorization.
    • Support and enhance the development of a best-practice approach to Professional Pilot Flight Training.
    • Provide support, guidance and required training for all instructors.
    • Conduct interviews to applicants seeking employment during open position postings.



Required Skills, Experience, and Education:

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent or graduate from an accredited Military Institution preferred
  • Management experience preferred
  • Ability to demonstrate effective leadership ability in a supervisory position
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to work independently with little direct supervision
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team
  • Ability to accept responsibility and be self-motivated
  • Demonstrate strong work ethic to achieve Academy goals
  • Effective multi-tasking and time management skills
  • Utilize all required and recommended Bristow Academy computer applications

Required Experience / Education / Certifications / Languages:
  • Hold a current FAA Commercial Rotorcraft-Helicopter Pilot Certificate with Instrument-Helicopter Rating
  • Hold a current FAA Flight Instructor Rotorcraft-Helicopter Certificate with Instrument-Helicopter Rating
  • 50 hours of flight time under actual r simulated instrument conditions
  • 500 hours Pilot In Command (PIC)
  • Instrument Flight Instructor experience of either:
    • 1 year and 125 flight hours, or
    • 200 flight hours
  • Hold a current FAA Class 2 Medical Certificate
  • Helicopter flight time of more than 1,000 hours PIC preferred with flight instructor experience of at least 1.5 years and 500 flight hours or, 750 flight hours preferred
  • Experience with Robinson R-22 model helicopter strongly preferred, with 50 hours on type.
  • Excellent computer skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office© Professional applications


: Pilots

Primary Location

: Americas-United States-Florida


: Full-time

Number of Openings

: 1

Job Posting

: Feb 21, 2014, 8:45:04 PM

Unposting Date

: Mar 8, 2014, 5:59:00 AM

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