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Captain – Minnesota

Location: Bemidji, Minnesota, United States

Position: Captain

Job Type: Charter

Minimum Pay: N/A

Maximum Pay: N/A

Flight Time Requirements Snapshot

  • Total Flight Time: 2000
  • Pilot In Command: N/A
  • Turbine PIC: N/A
  • Multi Engine: N/A
  • Actual Instrument: N/A

Job Description

The Rotary Wing Pilot is a licensed helicopter pilot who is assigned to Intensive Air and has received orientation to the flight team. The pilot is responsible for helicopter flight missions requested by the Company. Fixed wing pilots must comply with applicable FAA regulations.

Minimum Requirements

Must have completed training to possess at least a Commercial Certificate (FAA) with a Rotorcraft Helicopter and an Instrument rating. An Airline Transport Pilot rating is preferred. 
Must possess a least a current second class medical certificate, must be current in commercial and instrument flying. 
The pilot must have successfully completed an approved training program and passed an FAA check ride before flying as Pilot In Command on patient missions.
Minimum of 2,000 helicopter flight hours.
Must possess a current commercial rotorcraft-helicopter certificate with an instrument rating which will be tracked and verified by Intensive Air Program Manager.

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