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CFI Contractors – New York

Position Type: Contractor
Company: Core Helicopters
Fax Number: ()
Address: 1101 West Edgar Road
New Jersey
Web Address: http://coreheli.com
Company Info: Core Helicopters is the largest helicopter flight training operator in New York City
Supported Manufacturers: Robinson, Bell Helicopters
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Job Title: CFI's needed in New York City
Location: New York New York USA
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
Job Desc: The New York City airspace is the busiest in the US. If you can fly around here, everywhere else is a cakewalk.

We're the largest helicopter flight school located a stone-throw away from New York City. We maintain each helicopter meticulously to part 135 standards. Pilot housing for $300 / month is available less than 5 minutes from airport. We are looking for 2 new Flight Instructors to join the team as we've had a few graduates.
School Info:
  • 4x R22, 2x R44. Robinson Service Center (est. 2015), state-of-the-art facilities.
  • We 100% own all our helicopters and maintain them like they're ours, because they are.
  • 100% of our CFI graduates(7x CFI's in the last 36 months) have been placed with local turbine operators (Liberty and HFS) upon graduation(1000+ hours logged) as experience flying in congested NYC airspace is a key consideration for local turbine jobs.
  • Linden Airport (KLDJ), is home-base to the majority of helicopters based in NYC with a diverse array of helicopter operators based at the airport including Heli Inc. and HFS.
  • Flexible work-hours, highest pay-rate in the region, diverse flight responsibilities.
  • CFII's are preferred but not required.
  • SFAR endorsement on R44 is preferred but Not Required. Candidates must have OR commit to earning SFAR rating on the R44 within 2 months of being hired. (Employee discounts are available for flight training)
  • Weight must be less than 185 pounds.
  • Are you a smart anal workaholic perfectionist with lots of patience and a sense of humor? (qualities required to deal with the crazy boss)
  • Can you hover the helicopter?
Job Ident #:
Benefits: Instructor Discounts on Helicopter Flight Training

Source: Pilot-Rotary Wing job at Core Helicopters - CFI's needed in New York City

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