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Helicopter Pilot – Florida

Position Type: Permanent
Company: Florida Keys Mosquito Control District
Fax Number: (305) 292-7199
Address: 5224 College Road
Key West
Web Address: www.keysmosquito.org
Company Info: Monroe County has a sub-tropical environment and is home to approximately 45 species of mosquitoes. The goal of the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District is to control the mosquito population using the most effective methods, techniques, equipment, and insecticides, thus enhancing the quality of life for all residents, reducing the possibility of mosquito transmitted disease. County residents are encouraged to contact the Florida Keys Mosquito Control if they are experiencing mosquito nuisance. Although there are 40+ mosquito species found in the Keys, only a few create sufficient problems that require control measures. The Salt Marsh mosquito, the Pasture Mosquito, the Domestic Mosquito, the Tiger Mosquito and the House Mosquito are commonly found, and create annoyance by their bite. In addition to their annoyance, mosquitoes can also transmit diseases such as Dengue Fever, Encephalitis, Malaria, and dog heartworm.
Supported Manufacturers: Bell and Islander
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Job Title: Helicopter Pilot
Location: Marathon Florida USA
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
Job Desc:
Physical Location(s):

Florida Keys Mosquito Control Facility – Marathon

Required to report to work on a daily basis from March – October.
Basic Scope/Purpose:
The Pilot is responsible for aircraft flight planning, piloting, and record keeping including the following of rules and regulations governing the operation of District aircraft; safety, technical, medical and flight proficiency qualifications of pilots; and ensuring that the operation of District aircraft conforms with applicable Federal and State rules and policies as set forth by the District Board of Commissioners and administered by the Executive Director.
Reporting Responsibilities:
The Pilot reports to the Chief Pilot.
Working Conditions:
The Pilot will be required to pilot District aircraft at low altitudes over populated and congested areas and will be exposed to adverse environmental conditions, noise, vibration, close proximity to moving parts, working in high places, exposure to chemicals, fumes, odors, oils, and may be required to wear a respirator and/or other protective equipment.
Essential Functions (Without Accommodations):

1. Act as Pilot-in-Command or Second-in-Command during aerial application.
2. Proficiency in the use of the Navigational and Application GPS systems.

3. Perform other duties as assigned.

Since our organization is going to change to meet the needs of public health, environmental conservation, and the District, you can expect, anticipate, and assume that your job description will change to meet these challenges.


Knowledge of aircraft systems, performance capabilities, and operating procedures of the fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft assigned
Knowledge of aircraft navigation and navigational equipment
Knowledge of aviation meteorology and weather
Knowledge of FAA rules and regulations

Knowledge of mosquito control principles, practices, insecticides, and operations of aircraft equipment used for mosquito control aerial operations
Abilities & Skills:

Ability to safely operate the assigned aircraft at maximum performance levels at low altitude under adverse conditions
Education, Training, & Experience:
Any or all of the below stated minimum requirements may be waived by the Chief Pilot if accepted by the District’s insurance company.

High school diploma or equivalent
Minimum Requirements:
Helicopter: Minimum of 500 hours. Prefer 1500 hours total time and 500 Pilot in Command in helicopters. (Total helicopter experience hour requirement may be reduced by verifiable experience in airplanes with 1,000 hour of airplane experience equal to 100 hours helicopter experience.)
Possession of a valid FAA Commercial pilot certificate with rotorcraft-helicopter rating (Helicopter)
Possession of a current FAA 2nd Class Medical Certificate
Licensed in “Public Health Pest Control” and “State Aerial Applicator” from the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services or able to obtain such certification within six months
Possession of a valid Florida Driver’s License
Preferred Qualifications: Not required to be considered
Possession of a valid FAA Commercial pilot certificate with airplane multiengine land and instrument ratings (Airplane)

Airplane: 2,000 hours Total Flight Time and 500 hours Pilot in Command in multiengine aircraft

Job Ident #: JSfirm.com
Benefits: Florida State Retirement- Employee contributes 3% as required by law Major Medical-Paid for by employer for Employee only coverage Dental-Paid for by employer for Employee only coverage Vision-Paid for by employer for Employee only coverage Life Insurance-Paid for by employer for Employee only coverage Aflac Product - Employee Paid

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