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Helicopter Chief Instructor – Oregon

Job Description:
The Helicopter Chief Instructor is responsible for the operational oversight of Hillsboro Aero Academy's helicopter training school. This oversight includes, but is not limited to, all aspects of flight and ground instruction, safety of operations, quality of training and compliance with Part 141 regulations. The Helicopter Chief Instructor is a key member of our flight school and leads a team of 35+ CFIs between our three campuses (HIO, TTD, and S39). The Chief Instructor will take the lead on our nine current FAA-approved Part 141 training courses. The Chief position offers a great combination of flight and management responsibilities and the chance to be a critical part of a well-known academy.

Job Duties:
Responsibilities for this position include Chief Instructor duties as described in § 141.85. This includes ensuring that a high quality of ground and flight instruction is maintained for both our students and instructors. A weekly safety meeting is led by the Chief Instructor, for a group of 35+ CFIs, to ensure standardization and safe practices are maintained. The Chief must develop and revise new and existing courses to meet the needs of our customers and changing regulations. This role oversees the helicopter school staff to include assistant chief instructors, check instructors, CFIs and school personnel. Hillsboro Aero Academy has an active SMS system and the Chief Instructor will be a Department Safety Manager (DSM) for the helicopter school, contributing member to risk mitigation. This position requires flying with instructors conducting standardization training, as well as flying with students conducting progress and end of course checks. The Chief Instructor is responsible for interviewing, hiring and training new CFI staff and approving employee time cards. From time to time, the Chief will be required to attend meetings with Hillsboro Aviation, Port of Portland, ATC, FAA, Portland Community College and others as needed.


  • Must hold a valid FAA Class 2 Medical Certificate
  • Must hold a valid FAA Certified Flight Instructor Rotorcraft Helicopter Rating
  • Must hold a valid FAA Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Rotorcraft Helicopter Rating
  • Must have SFAR 73 CFI Endorsement for both the R22 and the R44

Required Skills/Experience:

  • Meet requirements of §141.35(a)(1) and (2)
  • Track record of safe helicopter operations
  • Management experience
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Well organized
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Possess critical thinking skills

Preferred Skills/Experience:

  • Meet requirements of § 141.35(b)(c) and (d)
  • Chief or Assistant Chief Instructor experience
  • Dual instruction experience in R22, R44, B206
  • Part 135 experience

To apply: Please submit an online application at: https://workforcenow.adp.com/jobs/apply/posting.html?client=FLYHAA# or send your resume and cover letter to HR@flyhaa.com

Contact information: HR@flyhaa.com

Source: Hillsboro Aero Academy: Helicopter Chief Instructor, Hillsboro, OR > Helicopter Association International

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