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AS365 HHO/SAR Co-pilot – Holland

HHO/SAR Co-pilot

Job Description
Main Purpose of the job:
Rescue missions, recovery missions and operational support is part of your job. You will also fly for the ship pilot service.

The flying duty consists of search and rescue missions and ship pilot service missions

- Acting responsible to the pilot-in-command in assisting to conduct an efficient flight
- Responsible for the technical preparation of flights (i.e. route planning, fuel check and general inspection of the helicopter)
- Assisting the pilot-in command to make sure administration pre and post flight is filled in
- Supporting the pilot-in-command in maintaining a proper standard of crew discipline, conduct and personal appearance
- In case of any incidents or problems with the helicopter assisting the pilot-in-command to write a report at the end of the flight
- When landing on the ship, check whether there is no obstacle
- Follow instructions of the HHO for positioning the helicopter just above the spot
- Rescuing designated people out of the sea
- Evacuate designated people from ships/vessel
- Rescuing people during natural disasters and collaborating with other forces, such as the Coast Guard

- Strictly obey the safety rules taking into account the constraints and possibilities of the helicopter and the presence of colleagues.
- Ensure all safety systems are working properly
- Apply environmental regulations
- Demonstrate a high degree of customer service awareness
- Perform other 'flying duties' as assigned

Your Profile
The minimum requirements to be considered for this position are:

- EASA CPL(H) License
- EASA Class 1 Medical
- ATPL(H) theory ánd MCC certificate
- Type rating: preferably AS365
- Total expected flight hours: 500 hours on rotary wing
- English Proficiency Level 4
- Dutch speaking/understanding

We're looking for a candidate who has good ICT-knowledge (specific aviation software & administrative programs) and knows & plays by the procedures installed by the company.
With regard to this type of operations, he/she has the ability to judge which of several objects appear closer or further away from the observer and estimate the distance between an object and the observer.
He/she is flexible (e.g. for double crewing, standby storm duties ...), a team player, result driven and customer focused.

Please make sure you upload all the necessary copies of documents when applying.

What We Offer
We offer a Dutch contract for indefinite period for working in a young and dynamic company, with a competent team in a professional but challenging environment.
The opportunity can be taken to widen your knowledge and aviation enthusiasm and based on the qualifications and experience, a competitive wage will be offered.


Contact Person
Kathleen De Swerdt

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