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[Mil] UH-60 Maintenance Test Pilot Examiner – Alabama

UH-60 Maintenance Test Pilot Examiner

SES - Science & Engineering Services •
Huntsville, Alabama, USA

Position Type: Permanent

Job Description:
•Provide over site and enforcement of Maintenance Test Pilot Standardization
•Performs flight readiness inspections
•Completes maintenance forms and aircraft log books
•Flight tests the applicable aircraft to determine that the airframe, power plant, accessories and items of equipage are functioning IAW predetermined requirements
•Performs maintenance operational checks of aircraft on the ground through engine run-up, aircraft taxiing or use of auxiliary power or testing equipment, to assure that aircraft systems or components disturbed during an inspection or maintenance action have been repaired, reassembled or adjusted satisfactorily
•Performs general test flights to prove the airworthiness of the complete aircraft. Completes test flight check sheets IAW the applicable maintenance manual
•Performs limited test flights when it is necessary to prove proper functioning of specific items/components.
•After each test flight, performs a through visual inspection to the extent necessary to ensure that deficiencies developed as a result of the test flight are detected and corrected before the aircraft is released for further flight.
Job Requirements:
Must have rotary craft helicopter CFI or DoD rotary wing instructor rating
•Commercial rotary craft helicopter license
•Minimum of 1500 hours in category
•Must have a current FAA second Class Medical Certificate prior to beginning MOI training
•Instrument instructors, additionally, 150 hours minimum of hood, weather and simulator tim combined
•Must possess a FAA commercial Helicopter Pilot or Airline Pilot rating and the appropriate category endorsements, qualification in the UH60 A/L
•Must meet all Army initial aircraft qualifications
•Meet evaluation requirements provided by the services prior to GFR approval on DD form 2628
•Completion of high school or equivalent military flight and/or applicable training courses are required
•Experience as a U.S. Army ME and Aircrew Training Program (ATP) Management
•Must have or be able to obtain a Secret Clearance
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
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