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Assistant Chief Flight Instructor – California

Upper Limit Aviation, Inc •
Temecula, California, USA

Position Type: Permanent

Job Description:
Upper Limit Aviation, headquartered at the Salt Lake International Airport, is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Assistant Chief Flight Instructor for Rotary-Wing in Temecula, California. The successful candidate will be growth-oriented, people-focused, and enjoy working as part of a team.


The Assistant Chief Flight Instructor Rotary-Wing will assist in the management of all operational aspects of Upper Limit’s Part 141 Pilot Training School in accordance with FAA regulations. Actively works to further the mission of Upper Limit working with various departments within the company to ensure positive and sustainable growth of the flight training program. The incumbent will ensure the flight school delivers safe, professional and quality training to students, in a manner that builds on the reputation of the flight school and encourages customer retention.
Essential Job Requirements

  • Participates in the development of institutional procedures, and ensures that programs and instructors operate within the boundaries established
  • Maintains training techniques, procedures, and standards for the school that is acceptable to Upper Limit management and the FAA
  • Remains informed of the latest developments within the business aviation community, including the FARs, and all government regulations affecting operations
  • Coordinates maintenance requirements for Flight School Aircraft to ensure operational readiness
  • Operates within budget to maximize resources
  • Establishes and supervises the initial and recurrent training of departmental personnel
  • Instructs flight personnel in the use of the standard operating procedures (SOP) manual
  • Conducts annual reviews and evaluations of all department personnel
  • Monitors all instructors to ensure all training course outlines (TCO) are followed
  • Monitors student progress to ensure satisfactory progress throughout the program
  • Ensures that each Certified Flight Instructor, Certified Ground Instructor, or Commercial Pilot passes an initial proficiency check prior to that instructor being assigned instructing duties in the school's approved training course, and thereafter that the instructor passes a recurrent proficiency check every 12 calendar months after the month in which the initial test was accomplished
  • Ensures that each student accomplishes the required stage checks and end-of-course tests in accordance with the school's approved training course
  • Reviews pilot logbooks to ensure they are being properly maintained and updated
  • Performs end of phase progress checks
  • Maintains all FAA required student records
  • Responsible for certifying student training records and graduation certificates
Job Requirements:

  • Proven ability to use relevant experiences and instructional skills in a highly challenging, highly structured learning environment
  • Proficient in all technical aspects of flying and flying instruction, and able to answer technical questions and expertly impart the technical aspects of flying and flying instruction
  • Flexible thinking and creative problem-solving capabilities
  • Ability to interact positively with all students, prospective students, and the public
  • Must be knowledgeable in basic computer skills
  • Fluency in written and spoken English, and must possess outstanding ability to communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing
  • Hold a commercial pilot certificate, Instrument and a current flight instructor certificate
  • Meet the pilot-in-command recent flight experience requirements of §61.57
  • Must be able to pass applicable FAA knowledge and proficiency exams
  • Flight training experience, acquired as either a certificated flight instructor or an instructor in a military pilot flight training program, or a combination thereof, consisting of at least 3 years and a total of 1,000 flight hours; or 2,000 flight hours.
  • Hold a FAA Class 3 medical or higher
Job Requirements:
  • ATP or Commercial Pilot Certificate required
  • CFI, CFII and AGI Flight Instructor Ratings required
  • 1,000 total flight hours required (2,000 total flight hours preferred)
  • 500 instructor hours required (1,000 instructor hours preferred)
  • 1.5 years’ experience as flight instructor required (3 years preferred)
  • 50 hours actual instrument time required (100 hours actual preferred)
  • 125 hours instrument instruction required (250 hours preferred)
  • 1 year of instrument instruction experience is required (2 years’ experience preferred)
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
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