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Contract B407 Utility Helicopter Pilot – California

Air Resources Helicopters, Inc •
Temecula, California, USA

Position Type: Permanent

Job Description:
Air Resources Flight Department at Temecula, California is seeking qualified candidates to operate helicopters in support of firefighting, rescue and fire prevention activities. Candidates must meet all minimum qualifications for Utility helicopter pilot. A successful candidate will be Safety-oriented, Mission-focused, and work well as part of a team.

To operate Utility helicopters in the performance of firefighting, Short haul and other missions as assigned.  Primary responsibility as Pilot in Command (PIC) is to perform a full range of helicopter duties and be responsible for the safety-of-flight aspects of helicopter operations, work in adverse conditions and must effectively respond to unexpected and life-threatening events. This classification works rotating shifts as well as remaining on standby or on call, as required.

Job Requirements:
•Operates turbine powered helicopters in desert and mountain environments in the performance of firefighting and rescue activities; including, but not limited to, air tactical missions and reconnaissance, conducting and/or coordinating water/fire retardant chemical drops, transport of personnel and equipment and specialized missions using the hoist rescue equipment (Short Haul).
•Prepares weight and balance plans or load calculations for flight loads under standard and non-standard operating conditions
•Prepares and maintains the flight hour program flight logs and records for assigned helicopters
•Maintains self and assigned helicopters in constant state of readiness for dispatch
•Performs reconnaissance in order to assist incident commander and/or air attack officer in the coordination of firefighting activities
•Performs required preventive maintenance and coordinates scheduling of routine and non-routine maintenance and repairs
•Operates aviation accessory equipment; including, but not limited to, external water bucket, short and long lines for external loads, fixed water tanks, rappel and cargo let-down lines
•Uses on-board mapping equipment and operates fire and aviation. Communication and navigational equipment systems.
•Instructs personnel on the safety principles to be observed when working around or on helicopters

•Ensures compliance with standard operating procedures for helicopter flights
Employment Standards

High School Diploma, G.E.D. or equivalent, AND possession of the following certifications/license, AND related flight experience:
Valid FAA Commercial or Airline Transport Pilot’s Certificate with a
Prefer helicopter instrument rating
Valid and current FAA Class I or II Medical Certificate
Valid Motor Vehicle Driver’s License

Current Interagency Pilot Qualification Card or ability to obtain Card.
Experience as a Helicopter Pilot as Pilot in Command (PIC)

1. 1500 hours PIC Helicopter flight time
2. 1000 hours turbine helicopters
3. Min 200 hours PIC in mountainous terrain, routinely making takeoffs and
landings to unimproved landing areas as density altitudes exceeding 5000’ msl
4. Prefer 500 hours PIC mountainous terrain
5. 10 hours mountainous in make and model (Bell 407) last 12 months preferred
6. 500 hours PIC performing low-level missions in fire suppression, map survey, search and rescue, short and long lines for external loads, operations over mountainous or forested areas, or comparable military operations
7. 200 hours as PIC of helicopters Vertical reference preferred
8. 50 hours PIC make and model (Bell 407) preferred

Further verification of flight hours may be required at the discretion of the Company.
Knowledge of:
Federal Aviation Administration regulations as contained in Section 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (FAA 14 CFR), parts 91, 133, 135, 137; working knowledge of the Interagency Helicopter Operations Guide (IHOG), Federal Aviation Regulations and Aeronautical Information Manual; FAA, departmental and interagency radio procedures; wildland fire behavior and fire weather; rotary wing flight control systems and equipment.
Ability to:

Perform essential tasks in compliance with State and Federal laws, county ordinances and departmental procedures; accurately interpret flight operations manuals to determine appropriate flight operation characteristics, limitations and operation/performance capabilities of the helicopter; compute weight and balance/load calculations for a variety of standard and non-standard load conditions; properly and safely recover from inadvertent instrument meteorological conditions; safely and correctly operate the aircraft in all terrain conditions including desert, mountain and urban areas, and at or near maximum gross weight; operate and maintain as a member of a team and independently at incidents of uncertain duration; effectively communicate with ground and other air resources on all types of incidents; operate complex helicopter navigational and communications equipment; prepare clear, accurate and concise reports related to air operations; adopt effective and timely courses of action when confronted with hazards or emergency situations; properly perform all emergency procedures associated with the helicopter and anticipate operational needs; work effectively with other agencies, co-workers and the public.

Salary Range: Neg-Neg
Travel: Yes
Job Ident #:

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