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Deputy Sheriff Aviation Pilot – Florida




Job title or subject:
Deputy Sheriff Aviation Pilot

Job details or message:
Posting Date: 5/24/17 - 6/13/17
Bureau: Patrol Bureau
Position: Aviation Pilot
Days/Hours: Day/Night 12 hour shifts, 84 hours per two week pay period, schedule and days off at the discretion of the Division Commander
Pay Grade: $45,000 - $88,400

Aviation Pilots serve as aircrew members in both rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft. They must be capable of working as part of a two-man team in the dynamic low altitude environment we operate in both day and night. They are primarily responsible for acting as Pilot-in-Command on all assigned missions. Duties include the preflight inspection of aircraft, weather briefing, mission planning, passenger briefing, the safe/efficient execution of each flight, documenting any maintenance discrepancies, and the completion of all flight record/logs. They must also be well versed in the law enforcement part of the mission; operating highly specialized observation, tracking, navigation, and communications equipment. They must maintain personal flight gear, perform water egress/survival training and stay current in the use of night vision goggles. Ground duties include: washing and servicing of aircraft, cleaning hanger and office spaces, maintaining ground-support equipment, assisting with routine aircraft maintenance, etc.

Prospective candidates must participate in an oral interview process and display or demonstrate:
1. Favorable written recommendation from current Employer/Supervisor.
2. Self-control and tolerance of stressful conditions.
3. Agreement to serve a minimum of five years after selection.
4. Commitment to engage in regular and sometimes strenuous training including the successful completion of up to 576 hrs. of Field Training in Road Patrol.
5. Ability to conduct public demonstrations, to include public speaking.

FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate: Rotorcraft- Helicopter
Ability to maintain at least a Second-Class Airman Medical Certificate
Florida Law Enforcement Certification (or ability to transfer from another state)

Preferred Candidate:
FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate: Rotorcraft- Helicopter, Instrument Helicopter, and Airplane Single Engine Land
Turbine Helicopter Experience
Experience flying with Night Vision Goggles (NVG’s)

Be sure to check out our minimum qualifications listed on our webpage, www.sheriffleefl.org. If you meet the requirements for one of our posted positions you would need to submit an application prescreen and resume to our office in person (you can email, fax or mail the prescreen in to us if you live out of county/state; fax to 239-477-1305), which can be found on our website at www.sheriffleefl.org, and complete a prescreen interview with one of our background investigators prior to the closing date of the position. Our office openings are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

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