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R22 CFI Positions – New Jersey

Linden, NJ 07036
United States
Manages Others
Experience Required
Degree Required
Security Clearance Required
No Don't climb over airport fences
From $15.00 To $60.00
Per Hour
Employment Type
Work Schedule
No Travel
Minimum Certification Required
The New York City airspace is the busiest in the US. If you can fly around here, everywhere else is a cakewalk.
We are the largest helicopter flight school in the NYC region and are located less than 10 miles away from New York City. We maintain each helicopter meticulously to part 135 standards. We've graduated (1000+ hours) over 16 flight instructors that were placed with local turbine tour operators. We have been designated as the primary "feeder school" for the two largest and most prestigious turbine tour operators in the area and CFI graduates with management recommendations are offered preferred and early acceptance reserved positions as the training and experience flying over manhattan is considered essential by the turbine operators in the area.  We are looking for 2 new Flight Instructors to join the team as we continue to grow.
CFI's have averaged 50-75 hours per month of flight time, and while overall flight-time will vary on individual efforts and subject to seasonal effects, you should be prepared to take on flight responsibilities of as much as 100 - 150 hours per month as you gain experience and are internally certified for a diverse range of flights.
Extensive and diverse flight responsibilities including:
Traditional flight instruction
Commercial Photo / Video production ("news & film") flights
Experience in helicopter flights that can prepare you for:
Helicopter "tour" type flights - Prepaid / limited set-time introductory flights
Helicopter "pipe-line patrol" type flights - Regular fixed-course photo-flights over complex airspace
Helicopter "EMS" style flights - We donate ~12 flights per year to transport children for organ transplants to regional hospitals and other charitable causes
Helicopter "2nd in command" flights - Volunteer Co-pilot opportunities with local Turbine operators
School Info:
* Zero accident history and perfect safety record.
* 4x R22, 3x R44. Robinson Service Center (est. 2017), state-of-the-art facilities.
* We 100% own all our helicopters and maintain them like they're ours, because they are.
* Linden Airport (KLDJ), is home-base to the majority of helicopters based in NYC with a diverse array of helicopter operators based at the airport including Heli Inc. and HFS.
* Flexible work-hours, highest pay-rate in the region, incentive reward program.
* We've got a Segway, a Dune-buggy and a Boosted electric skate-board to ride around the pot-holes at the airport... :)
* Extensive employee discount programs and a median graduation schedule of 12 months.
* Yes... You get to fly around the Empire State Building in Manhattan and get paid for it.
1. Email your application to hr@coreheli.com.
   (Yes, if you saw this listing the job is still available)
   Questions?: Email hr@coreheli.com.
   Please DO NOT: Call asking to speak to the Chief Pilot, Owner etc.
   Please DO NOT: Visit uninvited without an appointment.
   Please DO NOT: Drop off paper copies of your resume.
   Please DO NOT: Be discouraged if you don't hear from us right away. We do go though every COMPLETE application and you will get a response.
2. Emailed Applications must Include the following:
    A. Non boiler-plate Cover Letter. Please include other skills, hobbies, experience other than helicopter flying, what you are interested in, books you read etc. other than helicopters.
    B. Resume (include hours on each helicopter, test scores for each of your written tests)
    C. Photo of your FAA licenses, medical, Robinson Safety Course & SFAR endorsements.
        (All information sent will be kept strictly confidential and will be destroyed if not hired)
    D. Optional Bonus: Tell us how and what you would say to a perspective customer why they should choose Core Helicopters.
1. CFII's are preferred but not required.
2. SFAR endorsement on R44 is preferred but not required. Candidates must have OR commit to earning SFAR rating on the R44 within 2 months of being hired. (Employee discounts are available for flight training)
3. Weight must be less than 185 pounds. (Blame Robinson's underpowered R22)
4. Are you a smart anal workaholic perfectionist with lots of patience and a sense of humor? (qualities required to deal with the crazy boss) Can you hover the helicopter? While the boss yells at you? Are you OK with taking out the trash and cleaning the helicopter or do you need a pit-crew to take care of everything else, so you concentrate on playing with the cyclic?

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