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Chief Pilot – Illinois

Aviation Recruiting, LLC •
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Position Type: Permanent

Job Description:

The Chief Pilot is required to remain qualified as Captain for a flight or series of flights whereby he/she is the Pilot in Command (PIC) of the aircraft for the designated period of duty unless relieved by company authority.  He/she is charged with the responsibility of operating the aircraft within the applicable Federal Aviation Regulations, Operations Specifications and established company policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that all flights are conducted with safety as the primary consideration.
  • Direct the activities of all Pilots in a manner which promotes the safe and efficient operation of the aircraft.
  • Maintain a smooth working relationship among all flight crews.
  • Responsible for resolving differences or personality conflicts through appropriate company policy in conjunction with Director of Operations and Human resource personnel.
  • Set the example for all other flight crews at all times in such matters as genteel conduct, neatness, alertness, firmness and discipline, adherence to standards and procedures.
  • Complete or supervise the completion of all required paperwork.
  • Prepares, conducts and supervises all training activities of flight crew personnel.
  • Advises the Director of Operations regarding the training of flight crew personnel.
  • Prepares and maintains proficiency records, pilot files, duty time records, flight schedules and correspondence pertaining to flight operations activities.
  • Maintain a positive and cohesive relationship with the FAA’s appointed POI.
  • Assists the Director of Operations in formulating operations policies, coordinates those policies, and coordinates operations and training.
  • Determine the aircraft is airworthy, in accordance with the procedures outlined in the SOP, and that a proper preflight inspection has been accomplished and signed off.
  • Ensure the aircraft weight and balance is computed correctly and within acceptable limits, as described in the appropriate pilots’ handbook.
  • Assist or provide assistance for the safe and smooth handling of passengers, baggage, and cargo.
  • Provide for proper handling of the aircraft where ground handling and/or service personnel are not available.
  • Maintain a high degree of proficiency checks, en-route checks and maintenance operational check flights.
  • Verify the condition of the crew and their duty assignments prior to departure.
  • Require the use of each checklist as appropriate.
  • Supervise the loading of the aircraft
  • Fill out a time and duty log. Assure compliance with federal, state and local standards, and contractual requirements.
  • Develop and maintain positive relationships with internal and external customers, stakeholders, peers, and members of the aviation; effectively communicate and make prompt and accurate decisions to help achieve company goals.
  • Aviation administration: flight logs and related paperwork.
  • Understand, support, and enforce company philosophies and policies.
  • Adhere to and promote all FAA policies, standards and protocols.
  • Maintain standards for health, safety, welfare and ethical behavior.
  • Conduct self in a professional manner and provide leadership by example.
  • Seek and collect input and ideas regarding service improvement from all employees and customers.Assure the achievement of service improvement goals.Provide timely follow-up of customer service inquiries/audits as requested.
  • Seek means of personal/personnel development and growth and search for new and innovative technical advancements in areas related to duties.
  • Perform assigned tasks in accordance with policies and procedures, as set forth by management and as instructed.
Job Requirements:

  • Airline Transport Pilot Certificate
  • AS350 Type Rating/flight time and instruction time
  • Current 2nd class medical (1st class if A.T.P. rated and required)
  • 3 years of experience as PIC within the past 6 years under part 135
  • Previously employed as Chief Pilot under 14 CFR part 135
  • 135 instructor pilot experience
  • 135 charter start-up experience preferred
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
Relocation: Yes
Job Ident #:

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