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Helicopter Line Pilot – England

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Requirement is for an ATPL (H) or CPL (H) with IR (H) with and absolute minimum of 1000hrs P1 Helicopters and 500 hours overland experience.


To carry out line flying duties at a specified unit(s), as required by the Company or it’s customers.


  • As aircraft commander to act in accordance with the Company Operations Manual (OM) and Customer Air Operations Manual as appropriate.
  • To ensure that all flying tasks are carried out in a safe and efficient manner in accordance with procedures laid down in the Company OM or Customer OM as appropriate in addition to any national regulations as laid down in the Air Navigation Order and/or JAR-OPS 3, as amended by legislation.
  • To ensure personal currency in all respects with regard to own License, Medical Category, License Proficiency Check (LPC), Company Operator Proficiency Check (OPC), Line Check and Flight Time Limitation (FTL) regulations, before carrying out any flight on behalf of the Company or customer AOC/PAOC as appropriate.
  • You may on occasion be required to carry out duties of a different nature either in addition to, or instead of, your normal duties. You will not be assigned duties or asked to perform services which it is believed are unreasonable or you cannot reasonably perform, or which are inconsistent with the position you hold. Successful applicants will need to live or make their own accommodation arrangement to be within 45 minutes travelling time of base.

Please forward applications to: Zkarkola-lubacha@specialist-aviation.com

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