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Mi-8/17 Co-Pilot – International

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  • university degree in aviation (aircraft operation);
  • total amount of flight hours – more than 750;
  • flight hours on Мі-8МТV – more than 200;
  • flight hours as PIC – above 200;
  • level of English proficiency: IELTS – 4.0 and above, ICAO – 4.0;
  • CPL(h) license is desired and is considered as a competitive advantage.


  • mastery of the piloting techniques and navigation systems sufficient for safe execution of flights;
  • correct assessment of meteorological and air navigation conditions when taking decisions regarding departure and during flight;
  • complete flight preparation and oversight of preflight preparation of the crew;
  • monitoring crew performance, aircraft condition, its operational readiness, its correct loading;
  • knowledge and adherence to safety rules, including R/T phraseology and rules of radio communication;
  • examining the aircraft after landing and taxiing-in, inspecting accuracy of records in the log book concerning operation and equipment status;
  • влаmonitoring proficiency of crew members and taking measures for its improvement, encouraging high professional and moral qualities and proper performance of duties;
  • organizing and managing crew actions on ground and in flight in compliance with the appropriate guidelines, safety requirements, flights schedules and culture of passengers’ service;
  • monitoring working conditions and recreation of the crew members during flight task performance;
  • post flight debriefing of the crew.

Our Propositions

  • work with UN missions in African countries;
  • competitive salary;
  • opportunity to upgrade proficiency level;
  • opportunity to improve English;
  • medical insurance for the period of duties performance.

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