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B205/AS350/MD500 VRLL Pilot – Alaska

Bell 205/AS350/MD500 VR-LL Pilot

Soloy Helicopters of Alaska •

Wasilla, Alaska, USA

Position Type:

Jobs at Soloy Helicopters of Alaska

Job Description:

Soloy Helicopters is looking for an experienced vertical reference long-line pilot in the Bell 205, AS350 and MD500 series helicopters. Full time and Contract (summer) positions available.

Job Requirements:

Pilot must have vertical reference experience in the Bell 205, MD500 or AS350 series. Bell position requires OAS Fire carded pilot.
2000hrs PIC100hrs PIC Vertical Reference, Remote operations, Alaska experience, and diamond drill support experience preferred

Full time positions require relocating to South Central Alaska within one year.

Salary Range:



Job Ident #:
Bell 205/AS350/MD500 pilot

Company Overview

Soloy Helicopters of Alaska

6480 E Thunder Road
Wasilla, Alaska 99654 USA

Soloy Helicopters LLC is a utility/charter company specializing in precision longline vertical reference work supporting mining and seismic exploration companies. Extensive company experience moving drills and related support equipment, geophysics bird...


Supported Manufacturers:
Bell Helicopters, MD Helicopters, Airbus Helicopters

Supported Models:
MD500, AS350, BK117, B205

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