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Helicopter Chief Pilot – Oregon

Heli-Dunn, Chief Pilot, Medford, OR

Job Description:
Heli-Dunn is seeking an experienced pilot with a strong leadership background to join our team as the Rotor Wing Chief Pilot. This position will be based out of our headquarters in Medford, Oregon. This administrative role will hold regular office hours in Medford when not on a travel assignment. Extensive travel will be required to make regular visits to projects around the Western US. Relocation to Medford, Oregon is required.
Job Requirements:
The Chief Pilot is required to remain qualified as Captain for a flight or series of flights whereby he/she is the Pilot in Command (PIC) of the aircraft for the designated period of duty unless relieved by company authority. He/she is charged with the responsibility of operating the aircraft within the applicable Federal Aviation Regulations, Operations Specifications and established company policies and procedures. Ensure that all flights are conducted with safety as the primary consideration. Direct the activities of all Pilots in a manner which promotes the safe and efficient operation of the aircraft. Maintain a smooth working relationship among all flight crews. Responsible for resolving differences or personality conflicts through appropriate company policy in conjunction with Director of Operations and Human resource personnel. Set the example for all other flight crews at all times in such matters as genteel conduct, neatness, alertness, firmness and discipline, adherence to standards and procedures. Complete or supervise the completion of all required paperwork. Prepares, conducts and supervises all training activities of flight crew personnel. Advises the Director of Operations regarding the training of flight crew personnel. Prepares and maintains proficiency records, pilot files, duty time records, flight schedules and correspondence pertaining to flight operations activities. Maintain a positive and cohesive relationship with the FAA and appointed POI. Assists the Director of Operations in formulating operations policies, coordinates those policies, and coordinates operations and training. Determine the aircraft is airworthy, in accordance with the procedures outlined in the SOP, and that a proper preflight inspection has been accomplished and signed off. Ensure the aircraft weight and balance is computed correctly and within acceptable limits, as described in the appropriate pilots handbook. Assist or provide assistance for the safe and smooth handling of passengers, baggage, and cargo. Provide for proper handling of the aircraft where ground handling and/or service personnel are not available. Maintain a high degree of proficiency checks, enroute checks and maintenance operational check flights. Verify the condition of the crew and their duty assignments prior to departure. Require the use of each checklist as appropriate. Supervise the loading of the aircraft, fill out a time and duty log. Assure compliance with federal, state and local standards, and contractual requirements. Develop and maintain positive relationships with internal and external customers, stakeholders, peers, and members of the aviation; effectively communicate and make prompt and accurate decisions to help achieve company goals. Aviation administration: flight logs and related paperwork. Understand, support, and enforce company philosophies and policies. Adhere to and promote all FAA policies, standards and protocols. Maintain standards for health, safety, welfare and ethical behavior. Conduct self in a professional manner and provide leadership by example. Seek and collect input and ideas regarding service improvement from all employees and customers. Assure the achievement of service improvement goals. Provide timely follow-up of customer service inquiries/audits as requested. Seek means of personal/personnel development and growth and search for new and innovative technical advancements in areas related to duties. Perform assigned tasks in accordance with policies and procedures, as set forth by management and as instructed.
Minimum Qualifications:
. 3 years Part 135 PIC
. Must meet the requirements of Part 119.71 to hold the Chief Pilot position of a FAA Air Carrier Certificate
. Current FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate
. Current FAA Class II Medical Certificate
. 1,500 total flight hours
. 1,500 PIC in helicopters
. 100 turbine flight hours
. 200 hours mountain flying
. 10 hours Vertical Reference Experience
. Applicants must possess the ability to assist with physical tasks, such as carrying, lifting and pushing weights up to 70 pounds.
. Applicants must also be able to maintain a duty weight of no more than 225lbs, fully suited.
Preferred Qualifications:
. Valid CFI pilot certificate
. Meets USFS/OAS Make, Model, Series, and Weight Class
. Previous aviation leadership experience
. Previous Part 135 Check Airman and/or Instructor experience
. AS350 experience preferred
. Bachelor's Degree in Aviation Management or related field or equivalent education/experience
. Proficient in Microsoft Office suite
To Apply Contact:
Tom Hutson: tom@h71llc.com

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