Contract [Mil] CH-47 Flight Engineer/Mechanic – Kentucky

Aircraft Mechanic 1, CH-47/Flight Engineer


Fort Campbell, Kentucky, USA

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Job Description:

AECOM is currently recruiting for an Aircraft Mechanic I/CH-47 Flight Engineer position at Fort Campbell.

Responsible for inspecting and performing organizational, intermediate and depot level maintenance on aircraft components, sub-systems, support equipment and related weapons systems relating to the H-47 series aircraft. Assist team members during Reset inspections and solve unusual maintenance problems by analysis on flight controls, pneudraulic, fuel, electrical/electronic systems, etc. Position reports to the Mechanic 3.
Essential Responsibilities:
1) Remove and install aircraft subsystem assemblies and components such as engines, rotors, transmissions, mechanical flight controls, and associated components.
2) Inspect, diagnose, and repair aircraft systems and subsystems including engines, rotors, drive systems, and flight control systems.
3) Apply comprehensive technical expertise to solve moderate problems by interpreting technical documentation such as aircraft Technical Manuals, Maintenance Information and Action Messages, and technical guidance provided through government official representatives.
4) Perform maintenance tasks such as depopulating, cleaning, inspecting, repairing, and reassembling aircraft components and subsystems.
5) Service and lubricate aircraft components and subsystems.
6) Safely prepare aircraft for inspections and maintenance checks and services.
7) Perform scheduled inspections and assist in performing special inspections.
8) Perform limited maintenance operational checks and diagnose and troubleshoot aircraft systems using special tools and test equipment as required.
9) Recommends revisions to maintenance procedures to improve efficiency and ensure quality workmanship.
Additional Responsibilities as Flight Engineer:
The CH-47F Mechanic FE functions as a float mechanic between assigned reset teams and aids in the completion of various reset maintenance tasks on the CH-47F. The Mech/FE must be knowledgeable in systems operations of the CH-47F and have troubleshooting experience. The Mech/FE is expected to have operational knowledge of set up and installation of the AVA for aircraft vibration analysis and rotor track and balance. The Mech/FE will function as part of the required crew during post reset general maintenance test flights as well as any other MOCs or limited maintenance test flights work ordered to RASM-C.
Perform all other position related duties as assigned or requested.
To be considered, candidates must submit a resume directly online at IND-MRG

Job Requirements:
• High school graduate or equivalent is desirable.
• Five (5) years actual and recent experience on H-47 series helicopter; three (3) years required.
• Thorough knowledge of technical publications related aviation maintenance.
• Must have knowledge of the scope and limitation of various categories of maintenance and their application to the contract unit.
• Must know theory and principles of engine operations; accessories and components; electrical and electronic; pneudraulic; and mechanical principles.
• Knowledge of sheet metal, properties of materials, fuels, and oils.
• Must be able to read, interpret and use manufacturer’s maintenance manuals, service bulletins, blueprints, wiring and schematic diagrams, data tables and other specifications to determine feasibility and method to repair or replace malfunctioning or damaged components.
• Must be able to inspect, repair, and operate ground support and auxiliary equipment.
• Must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license and be able to operate a government general-purpose vehicle.Prerequisites Required as Flight Engineer:-Must have held the Army MOS 67/15U-Must have been progressed to FE in an Army ATP-Must be able to obtain an FAA Class 3 medical certificate-Should have a minimum 500 flight hours-Prefer a minimum 150-200

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