EC225 A&P Mechanic – Oregon

Field Mechanic (EC 225)

Department: Field Maintenance-Gov Aerial Ops – 4708A
Location: Medford, OR

Position Purpose

Perform maintenance on EC 225 helicopters or airplanes and other duties for Field Maintenance as required.

Duties & Responsibilities

Performs Helicopter Cargo and Passenger carrying operations in austere environments.
Performs ground & flight responsibilities, authority and accountability IAW scope and nature of the FAA Part 135 Regulations, EHI Air Carrier Certificate General Operations Manual, Company Training Manual, and Company Safety Management System (SMS).
Performs any and all additional duties and responsibilities assigned will be in direct support of the program relating to operations, maintenance, material, administration, safety, and/or customer support as required by Field Maintenance
Performs all required maintenance on assigned helicopter or airplane.
Performs fueling activities for aircraft and coordinate fuel deliveries.
Performs maintenance of support equipment.
Drives support vehicles.
Reports to Lead Mechanic for other tasks and work duties, as required by Field Maintenance.
Ships and receives aircraft parts and materials by using the established Erickson process.
Ensures proper inventory levels for office supplies and all aircraft.
Books and tracks international and domestic shipments.
Coordinates the assembly, staging and sequencing of the cargo planeside with the customer.
Maintains contact with Operations during daily flights sorties.
Inspects daily the cargo restraints and seat belts for wear or deterioration.
Supervises actual cargo handling, including cargo assembly, pallet building/breakdown, load planning, load sequencing, uploading/downloading cargo, assuring proper restraint of cargo onboard the aircraft.
Directs the accomplishment of all aircraft/ground servicing activities, including fueling and marshalling.
Ensures correct paperwork, i.e., PAX/Cargo manifest is given to the Flight Crew in a timely manner to ensure safe, on-time departure.
Inspects Company aircraft to assure that the loading systems are functional and advise the Pilot-In-Command and/or Maintenance Representative of any defects.
Ensures that the working environment is maintained clean and free of FOD

Scope & Accountabilities

Internal Stakeholders are:

Contacts are to coordinate work, advises on collaborative work, and or solve recurring types of problems in situations where others are usually cooperative.

Lead Mechanic


Project Manager

Fleet Manager

Director of Maintenance

External Stakeholders are:

Field Maintenance Mechanics interact with many of our customers. Contacts are primarily routine and structured with various people within the organization, employees of other establishments, or the general public.

Delivery Drivers, Sales Representatives – Schedule Pickups for items over 150 lbs. Exchange straightforward, factual information. Find solutions to problems with damage / lost freight. Work affects overall efficiency and image of the organization. Advises on documents needed for import and export of AC and parts. Ensure customs clearance for freight.

Decision Authority:

Requires a moderate level of decision making. The job is mainly governed by policies, manuals, SOPs, and instructions from the Lead Mechanic and PIC. Employee carries out a group of procedures using the general methods and desired results that the supervisor indicates, selects from among the most appropriate of several guidelines, makes minor adjustments to methods and refers unforeseen situations to others for solution.


Safety and Work Environment – Identifies hazardous or potentially hazardous situations and takes appropriate action to maintain a safe and productive work environment for self and others. Follows Values Charter “Safety: Above all else”.

Effective Communication – Actively listens to others. Communicates with others clearly, openly, and respectfully. Uses all forms of communication effectively and appropriately (includes email, text, IM).

Teamwork – Works with and supports others to achieve organizational goals. Meets individual and team deadlines and responsibilities. Assumes additional responsibilities when needed. Responds constructively to instructions and procedures. Listens to others and values opinions and is respectful of team members and other Erickson employees. Works effectively with team leader or manager and promotes a positive team environment.

Accountable to Achieving Commitments – Achieves commitments to both internal and external customers. Produces high quality work by being attentive to detail and maintaining accuracy. Works in a conscientious, consistent, and thorough manner to meet all schedules and timelines. Anticipates potential problems. Finds the root cause of problems and takes appropriate action. Makes continuous improvement to processes and results.

Adaptability to Change – Understands, accepts, and supports the need for business change and helping others with transitions. Adapts and adjusts to change within own area of responsibility as well as accepting the need for change more broadly. Actively identifies and leads change within area of responsibility.

Minimum Qualifications

High School Diploma or equivalency required.
Valid driver’s license. Commercial Driver’s License preferred.
Current Airframe and Power Plant Certificate required.
A minimum of 3 years’ technical experience in maintaining & repairing specified aircraft.
Must possess an Airframe and PowerPlant Certificate
Ability to travel domestically and internationally as directed and drive company vehicles or rental vehicles as directed.
Valid passport (or ability to obtain one within 30 days of employment).
Must be able to communicate verbally in an accurately and professional way. Ability to write in a clear and concise manner.

Special Position Requirements



Source: Field Mechanic EC 225 – Careers At Erickson Inc.