Helicopter Aviation Apprentice – Oregon

Aviation Apprentice
Department: CRO Management & Support – 5451
Location: Central Point, OR

Position Purpose

Under direct supervision by an assigned mentor, shop lead or manager, the apprentice will learn foundational skills for a career in Aviation. The apprentice will rotate through various shops and receive on the job training in performing basic functions. At the end of the apprenticeship program, successful participants will be assigned to a specific area, based on their acquired skills and preferences, as well as available position openings. Aviation Apprentices are encouraged to pursue any certificates or licenses associated with their career of interest.

Duties & Responsibilities

Under direct supervision from qualified mentors perform basic cleaning, assembly, disassembly, blending, part marking and testing tasks to aircraft parts and components. Additionally, they will assist in the maintenance, repair, overhaul, inspection and fabrication/manufacturing of aircraft parts and assemblies, including disassembly and assembly of parts, components, and/or aircraft to appropriate documents and specifications.
Maintains an organized work area and good housekeeping practices.
Works in a team environment and follows Erickson’s Values Charter.
Complies with company policies and all applicable regulations.
Achieves general task qualifications listed in accordance with learning plan.
Scope & Accountabilities

Work is guided by organizational policies and established strategies. It involves regular guidance and periodic review of goals and plans.

Employee does not deviate from detailed directions given by supervisor, guidelines, SOP’s, and reference manuals.
Tasks involve related steps, processes, and methods that require employee to recognize clear differences in a variety of situations.
Internal Stakeholders are:

Qualified Mentors – To provide on the job training practical applications.

Leads, Supervisors/Managers – To direct and guide through apprentice program.

External Stakeholders are:



Safety and Work Environment – Identifies hazardous or potentially hazardous situations and takes appropriate action to maintain a safe and productive work environment for self and others. Follows Values Charter “Safety: Above all else”.

Effective Communication – Actively listens to others. Communicates with others clearly, openly, and respectfully. Uses all forms of communication effectively and appropriately (includes email, text, IM).

Teamwork – Works with and supports others to achieve organizational goals. Meets individual and team deadlines and responsibilities. Assumes additional responsibilities when needed. Responds constructively to instructions and procedures. Listens to others and values opinions and is respectful of team members and other Erickson employees. Works effectively with team leader or manager and promotes a positive team environment.

Accountable to Achieving Commitments – Achieves commitments to both internal and external customers. Produces high quality work by being attentive to detail and maintaining accuracy. Works in a conscientious, consistent, and thorough manner to meet all schedules and timelines. Anticipates potential problems. Finds the root cause of problems and takes appropriate action. Makes continuous improvement to processes and results.

Adaptability to Change – Understands, accepts, and supports the need for business change and helping others with transitions. Adapts and adjusts to change within own area of responsibility as well as accepting the need for change more broadly. Actively identifies and leads change within area of responsibility.

Minimum Qualifications

High School Diploma or equivalency, some skills training preferred
Candidate will be required to take an certified skill assessment test
Proven strong verbal and written skills
Preferred mechanical experience through class work or employment

Special Position Requirements




Source: Aviation Apprentice – Careers At Erickson Inc.