S92 SAR Crewman – Ireland

CHC provides unmatched helicopter services that enable our customers to reach beyond – to work in remote and challenging destinations that limit others – and come home safely. We are dedicated to our purpose of getting our customers where they need to be, when they need to be there, anywhere in the world – safely and reliably. All you have to do is get on board!

At CHC, we pride ourselves on our values and culture:
Simplicity: Finding the most efficient way in everything we do
Agility: Moving quickly and decisively
Collaboration: Working together with candor and transparency
Innovation: Creating solutions and leading change
Ownership: Working with passion and doing what needs to be done

Role Summary

CHC Ireland is the leading provider of Search and Rescue (SAR) Helicopter Services to the Irish Coast Guard. CHC operates specially equipped Sikorsky S92A aircraft at bases in Dublin, Shannon, Waterford and Sligo.

There is a strong team spirit at CHC. We work diligently together to provide professional and customer-centred service in challenging and diverse environments.

This is a great opportunity to be part of our dynamic team of professionals.

We are currently recruiting for the role of Winch Operator/Winch person, CHC Ireland DAC.

Key Responsibilities

Key Responsibilities of Crew Person

  • Maintaining familiarity with relevant Irish and international air legislation and best aviation practices and procedures
  • Carry out duties concerning the flight, in accordance with the operations manuals (including procedures, limitations, and performance relating to the specific helicopter type) as are allocated by the commander
  • As requested, assist the commander in relation to the flight
  • Briefing passengers, and demonstrating, on the method of use of life-jackets, emergency equipment, dinghies, and exits
  • Checking the serviceability of passenger seats and seatbelts
  • Ensuring that passengers embark and disembark the helicopters safely as well as supervising the loading and offloading of freight and baggage
  • Ensuring passengers comply with the seatbelt and no smoking notices and warning lights
  • Ensuring that doors and hatches are secure
  • Supervising the passengers during emergency evacuation of the aircraft and ensuring correct use of emergency exits and lifesaving equipment
  • Carrying out duties as may be delegated by the senior crewperson
  • To act as airborne marshaller for underslung external loads
  • Ensure the refuelling system is bonded correctly to the aircraft
  • Liaise with the aircraft commander for commencement and termination of refuelling
  • Carry out external inspection for any leaks, fuel spillage, unfastened panels including fuel caps or loose / damaged items
  • Process relevant paperwork
  • Check bonding leads are removed, heliport clear and chocks removed
  • Report to the aircraft commander once the above items are completed
  • Properly maintain and wear obliged protective personal clothing as provided by the Company in accordance with the Regulations. Ensure that his personal immersion suit is maintained within due date as per the guidance in the SEMM.

 Additional responsibilities of a winch operator

Winch operators are responsible to the senior crewperson at their allocated base.

Responsibilities includes, but are not limited to:

  • The daily check of all equipment for serviceability and expiry dates. Servicing and testing equipment that they are cleared to do and ensuring that all other equipment is returned to the appropriate agency for servicing and testing within the laid down period.
  • Bringing to the attention of the senior crewman any deficiencies in equipment or improvements to equipment
  • In conjunction with the commander and co-pilot, attend the briefing and conduct of all winch training flights and missions
  • On completion of mission, ensuring, in conjunction with the commander that all relevant documentation is completed
  • Completion of the appropriate training records post-flight
  • On completion of winch training, the checking, cleaning, and overhaul of any equipment used and its protection against water corrosion
  • Maintaining familiarity with relevant Company documentation as well as Irish and international legislation, best practices, and procedures
  • All aspects of iSAR during their period of duty
  • Updating the ‘aircraft spatial awareness’ for all aircraft at their base, all data entry, including HEMS availability
  • All pre and post-flight reports, including currency and survival suit usage
  • Ensuring aircrew’s FTLs for that duty period are correct
  • Entry of ‘no fly reason’
  • Base and aircraft serviceability
  • Entering the number of hoist cycles in both the aircraft’s technical log and the hoist’s maintenance record (optimal equipment) log

Plus any other duties as may be delegated by the senior crewperson

Minimum Requirements:

  • Eligibility to work in Ireland
  • EASA Class 2 medical
  • Garda, (or equivalent Police Authority) Clearance Certificate
  • Full Driving License
  • 36 months experience as a rated Technical Crewman/Winch Operator on an All-Weather SAR unit

Desirable Requirements:

  • PHECC Registered Paramedic License is preferred however consideration will be given to candidates who hold an EMT qualification
  • Dual rated experience as a Winch Operator/Winch man
  • CHC Ireland operates a dual role Technical Crew environment, all candidates will undergo an interview and flight evaluations to assess competency.

Closing date for this role will be Friday, 7th August 2020

Source: Technical Crewman in Killowen, Waterford | Careers at Waterford