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Helicopter Pilot (Instructor)

Amentum Services, Inc. Fort Rucker •

Fort Rucker, Alabama, USA

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Jobs at Amentum Services, Inc. Fort Rucker

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We are currently accepting applications for the position of INSTRUCTOR PILOT.

Prior Military Aviation Experience NOT Required

Since 1989, Amentum Services, Inc., with its 375+ employee workforce, has trained and educated more than 1200 students per year. Providing classroom academic instruction and hands on flight training to nearly 500 students per day, our instructor skill and experience is without equal. Over the course of our 30 year tenure, aviation experts from Amentum have instilled nearly 30,000 pilots with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to fly and survive in today’s complex aviation environment. Serving the aviation education needs of the U.S. Army, the U.S. Air Force, and many Allied partner Nations, Amentum has earned its reputation as a world class aviation education organization.

Amentum instructors teach, coach, and mentor student pilots through intensive training designed to prepare them for their future roles as military aviators. Despite flight training’s inherent risk, safety remains paramount in every aspect of the Amentum Rotary Wing Flight Training culture.

Boasting an unprecedented safety record with more than 2.5 million hours of flight instruction, Amentum instructors conduct flight instruction in an area encompassing more than 40,000 square miles within the National Airspace System.

Join our team of professional instructor pilots and share your aviation knowledge and skill in supporting the U.S. Army’s helicopter pilot training and our Nation’s defense. Amentum instructors provide foundationally important training following a highly structured curriculum. Fly with a purpose in state of the art aircraft, working in a safety focused environment.

For additional information go to www.ursrucker.com/index.php/human-resources/employment (copy & paste link into browser).

Job Requirements:

  • Must possess a ICAO equivalent or FAA commercial pilot certificate and an ICAO equivalent or FAA flight instructor certificate with rotorcraft category, helicopter class and instrument helicopter ratings on both certificates, or be a graduate of any DOD rotary wing instructor pilot course for rotary wing aircraft.
  • Total Flight Time – 1500 hrs. Flight time as pilot-in-command or second in command (per FAR 61.51); as Pilot in Command (PC) or Pilot (PI) (Per AR 95-1) in aircraft of any weight or category is creditable for this requirement.
  • Must certify having a combination of 100 hours of hooded instrument, flight simulator instrument, or weather pilot time.
  • Must have instructed students in instrument flight training.
  • Night Flying – 75. (Night + NVG = Total Night Flying)
  • Instructor Time – 500.
  • Must have a current FAA Second Class Medical Certificate prior to beginning Method of Instruction (MOI) training.
  • Must not exceed 250 pounds in flight duty uniform.
  • Applicants for Basic Warfighter Skills Instructor must be Night Vision Goggle (NVG)qualified and 200 hours of NVG time


Applicants for employment are subject to Government approval and the terms of a 12 month Employee Training Agreement. Applicants selected for hire will be required to pass and maintain a U.S. Government background security check. Applicants selected for hire must complete training and a government acceptance checkride. Applicants must be eligible for employment in the U.S.

Salary Range:
87,401-Year 1



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Amentum Services, Inc. Fort Rucker
Building 4509 Andrews Avenue
Fort Rucker, Alabama 36362 USA

Amentum has been honored to be the U.S. Army’s rotary wing flight trainer since 1989. We have trained over 25,000 Army, Air Force, and Allied students to meet their world-wide commitments as military rotary wing pilots. ?We serve at the U.S. Army Aviation…

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