Contract S70/92 NVG Instructor Pilots – Saudi Arabia

S-92 & S-70i Instructor Pilots

Summit Helicopters •

Riyadh, Ar Riyad Saudi Arabia, International, International

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  • All pilots will be thoroughly trained and experienced on the specific type of aircraft.
  • SA shall be responsible for providing all OMST pilots with aviation life support and mission support equipment.
  • MOI pilots under SUMMIT instruction will receive an evaluation of course completion and a certificate of course completion. The Operating Base Commander designates the pilot as appropriate (PIC, SIC, ‘P, or MTP) designation.
  • The Instructor Pilots shall perform the following training to GSAC pilots who have completed the initial pilot training courses: 5- Qualification Training:
  • Training for Pilots not presently qualified in a specific aircraft or equipment will include the following:
  • Night Vision Goggles (NVG) Qualification
  • S-92, and S-70 Series Proficiency Training
  • Refresher Training will be provided for Pilots with previous qualifications but who have not flown or utilized the equipment for more than 90 days, per GSAC Flying Orders Book.
  • Mission Training is designed to provide training in specific Crew Member tasks. These Tasks will be trained during day, night and NVG conditions. All tasks in accordance with SA Flight Training Guide.
  • Provide Functional Check Flight, Instructor Pilot and Currency training.
  • Continuation Training that are above crew member tasks that will conducted on a daily flight basis. At every opportunity, all flight time will be utilized to accomplish continuation training. 10- Specific Instructor Pilot (‘P) S92 & S70i requirements:
  • Conduct flight instruction per the Aircrew Training Manual as published for the GSAC.
  • Maintain accurate and current flight training folders on individuals in training.
  • Maintain all CFI, Class2 Medical and PIC status per FAA guidelines. Conduct Flight Operations under GSAC Flying Orders Book regulations.
  • Provide Annual Evaluations of GSAC Pilots.
  • Conduct Classroom training on all subject matter of aircraft systems or flight operations.
  • Support mission operations when requested if GSAC Flight Crews are not available. Maintain flight currency per GSAC Flying Orders Book.
  • Provide recommendation and screening of GSAC Pilot Personnel for PIC evaluations. Maintain current knowledge of aircraft systems, operations and emergency procedures.

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Summit Helicopters
Riyadh, Ar Riyad Saudi Arabia, International 11447 International

Summit Helicopters, Inc. has been serving the helicopter industry since 1980, placing a premium on attending to our customers needs with the highest level of professionalism, quality, and service. Throughout the 30 years of operating and maintaining helicopters…

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