B234/107 Copilot – Afghanistan


Job Category: Pilots
Requisition Number: COPIL01515

Posted: November 18, 2020
Field (Afghanistan)

Job Details


We are recruiting for our Co-Pilot position located in Afghanistan.  The work location for this role is primarily Afghanistan but the selected candidate must be capable and willing to work in all locations (Domestic and Overseas) at some point in the future.  This position requires an Active Secret Clearance.

The selected candidate will perform Second-in-command (SIC) responsibilities on one of our platforms (Columbia Model 107-II or 234).  Overseas assignments have a varying schedule and the role is a Salaried role.  The Domestic work schedule is 14 days on and 7 days off unless the aircraft is assigned to a Federal Fire Contract then the work schedule will deviate from 14/7.  While working Domestically, the SIC will be paid for hours worked.

Essential Duties include but are not limited to:
• Performs as second-in-command on Columbia Model 107-II or 234.  Performs appropriate duties as assigned by the Pilot-in-Command and operates the aircraft in a safe and efficient manner in accordance with all appropriate regulations, Rotorcraft Flight Manuals and company SOP.
• Maintains currency in the type aircraft flown.
• Maintains a current Class 2 medical certificate.
• Maintains professional communications with customers and co-workers.
• Demonstrates continual improvement in job duties.
• Assists, when needed, in the overall success of the flight operation.

Minimum Qualifications:
• High School Diploma or equivalent
• Commercial Pilot License or higher with Rotorcraft-Helicopter class rating or equivalent rating
• Aviation Medical certificate – Second Class or higher
• United States Secret Security Clearance is required.  U.S. Citizenship is a requirement for obtaining U.S. Secret Security Clearance.  Candidates with a current active Secret clearance, or who have recently had active clearance, take priority.  Candidates selected for this position will receive an offer of employment which is conditional upon satisfying all per-employment requirements, including obtaining United States Secrete Clearance.  Columbia will orchestrate and pay for securing the clearance, a process that can take up to six months.  You can learn more about what is required to obtain an active secret security clearance here: https://www.state.gov/m/ds/clearances/c10978.htm
• Medical approval to work in Afghanistan by the Department of Defense.  Your medical review will occur in advance of deployment to Afghanistan if selected for this position .
• Candidates selected for this position will receive an offer of employment, which is conditional upon possessing or obtaining a current valid U.S. passport.
• Due to the contract requirements related to working in AFG, the selected candidate must be a citizen of the US and must be capable of meeting the DOD Medical Requirements.
• Minimum of 1500 helicopter flight hours required
• Instrument rating preferred along with 50 hours of Turbine time.
• Candidates with demonstrated long line experience strongly desired.
• Ability to communicate in a positive and professional manner supportive of a team environment
• Ability to travel and work away from home in remote places
• Ability to work independently and in a team-oriented setting

Source: Co-Pilot | Columbia Helicopters Career Opportunities

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