[Repost] S64/CH-54 Aerial Work Captain – Oregon

PIC Rotor Wing CH-54 / S-64

Helicopter Transport Services, LLC. •

Aurora, Oregon, USA

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Jobs at Helicopter Transport Services, LLC.

Job Description:

General Responsibilities

In general, it is the pilot’s responsibility to ensure that all required licenses, certificates and ratings are in force before flying Company rotorcraft.

The PIC is responsible to the DFO for the performance of his/her duties. The PIC shall be responsible for the operation and safety of the aircraft he/she commands and for the safety of all persons on board.

For this purpose, he/she will have final authority for the disposition of the aircraft during the time in which he/she is in command.

Actively contributing towards the maintenance of good housekeeping conditions as they concern HTS rotorcraft and ancillary equipment, including the processing, handling and/or oversight of all paperwork relating to the flight operations of the assigned rotorcraft and the flight crew and/or persons under his/her supervision, including such paperwork required by any governing authority, organization or client.

Coordination with the assigned rotorcraft Crew Chief or his designee regarding any and all maintenance related matters.

Direct responsibility for the workmanship of the flight crew he/she supervises.

Ensuring his/her qualifications as a pilot comply with all requirements (regulatory, contractual, or otherwise) in force in the jurisdiction in which the Captain is employed and/or working.

Recommending improvements and revisions to HTS manuals, guidelines or procedures in the interest of establishing, maintaining, and promoting the safest and most efficient standards; and Provision of leadership, discipline and guidance to the Flight Crew, including ‘on the job’ training.

Job Requirements:
Company pilots shall meet the qualifications listed below

3000+ hours of PIC in a turbine helicopter.
Type rated in a SK-64.
Qualified for a US Forest Service card

Salary Range:



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Helicopter Transport Services, LLC.
14497 Keil Road NE
Aurora, Oregon 97002 USA

Helicopter Transport Services’ Heavy Lift Division operates a diverse fleet consisting of Sikorsky CH-54A Skycranes, CH-54B Skycranes, Sikorsky S-64E Skycranes, CH-53Ds, S-61Ns, and S-58Ts, and Bell 214ST.

The Heavy Lift Division’s services include…


Supported Manufacturers:
Sikorsky, Bell, Airbus, McDonnell Douglas

Supported Models:
CH-54B Skycrane, CH-54A Skycrane, S-64E, S61N, S58T, 214ST,

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