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[EDIT 13 March 2023: Application deadline is 24 March 2023. /Admin]

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AS365 Technical Crew


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Primary Function / Role

We are looking for an AS365N2 Dauphin Technical Crewperson in support of Royal Navy FOST tasking to join their team at Newquay Cornwall Airport, where we provide a niche service to the Royal Navy, operating Monday to Friday, day and night as required by the Customer.

If successful you will assist the flight crew as directed by the Commander, including but not limited to, contributing to the safety of the aircraft and its occupants. You will be expected to be able to assist with navigation, airmanship and operating on the radio from the front LHS, or the cabin if carrying passengers, alongside being proficient as a hoist operator.

Minimum Qualifications

Applicants will be flying a Military Registered Aircraft and will be required to meet Military Regulatory eligibility with associated requirements and therefore must be previously qualified as a military rotary Aircrewman as well as qualified as a hoist operator.

UK CAA Class Two Medical

Closing Date: Friday 24th March 2023 (C.O.B.)

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