Helicopter A&P Mechanic – Kentucky

Rotor-Wing Mechanic

Hawkeye Helicopter •

Georgetown, Kentucky, USA

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Hawkeye Helicopter

Job Description:

Hawkeye Helicopter is seeking a qualified rotor-wing mechanic to support operations based in Georgetown, KY. The fleet consists of Bell 206B (x4), MD500D/E (x4), and Bell 407 (x1). This position will work with existing RW maintenance staff and management to maintain 4 – 5 aircraft in the Kentucky facility. A&P required, IA preferred. Successful candidate must be comfortable and confident working on airframes listed above. Some travel will be required periodically, however, most major maintenance is intended to be completed in our shop in KS. Shop truck will be provided for traveling for field maintenance when necessary. This is a salaried position with 401k and health insurance benefits. Salary is negotiable and will be commensurate with experience.

Job Requirements:

  • A&P
  • IA preferred

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Hawkeye Helicopter

PO Box 606
Lyndon, Kansas 66451 USA

Hawkeye Helicopter is a utility aviation operator conducting missions throughout the United States such as visual patrol inspections, LiDAR, gas leak detection, and Part 133 External Load ops.


Supported Manufacturers:
Bell, MD, Cessna

Supported Models:
Bell 206B, Bell 407, Bell OH-58, MD500, 310Q, 182P Skylane, 182R Skylane, 177B Cardinal, 172 Skyhawk

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