EC120/H130 Tour/Charter/Aerial Work Pilot – Mauritius

[Application deadline is 10 June 2023. /Admin]

Helicopter pilot – EC 120B / H130

Corail Helicopteresis a leading helicopter company based in Mauritius and operating since 2017, flying a modern fleet of Airbus Helicopters across multiple locations throughout Mauritius. Here you can develop your career in an environment that promotes professional training and development.

Corail Helicopteres is seeking an experienced pilot for scenics flights, transfer flights and specialized operations, presenting multiple opportunities:

Competitive packaging / Long term contract / Life quality

Experience requirements

  • CPL (H)
  • 1000 hours helicopter
  • 500 hours PIC
  • 100 hours on turbine
  • Level 4 English prof. check
  • Level 4 French prof. check
  • HUET

Desirable requirements

  • EASA licence
  • EC 120B type rating
  • AS350 / EC130 type rating
  • Flight Instructor / TRE
  • Others languages

End of application: 10thJune 2023

Apply with your licence and CV at moc.ocilehliaroc@sbojtolip

Source: Helijobs