R22/44 CFI/CFIIs – Arizona

Certified Flight Instructor

Guidance Aviation •

Prescott, Arizona, USA

Position Type: Permanent

Guidance Aviation

Job Description:

Guidance Helicopters, Inc is currently looking for SFAR 73 Certified Flight Instructors to join our team. Guidance Helicopters, Inc. (Guidance Aviation) was founded in 1998 by John Stonecipher with the intent to bring advanced helicopter training in a high-altitude environment. Prescott Arizona is a prime location for high altitude mountain training with great year round weather that doesn’t inhibit training. Over the past 25 years in business, Guidance Helicopters has developed strong part 61/141 training courses to provide our students with efficient and effective training in the R22/R44 helicopters. These include 141 Private, Instrument, Commercial, CFI, CFI-Instrument, and ADD-ON courses. We have FAA approved simulators that help students perfect skills while keeping costs down. We take pride in our cost efficient training course, technology, and policies.


* Communicate effectively with students to provide clear and concise instructions during flight training sessions.

* Teach students the necessary skills to safely operate an aircraft, including aviating, navigating, and communicating.

* Ensure compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations and company policies during flight instruction.

* Conduct ground school lessons to educate students on aviation theory, meteorology, navigation, and other relevant topics.

* Supervise students during flight to ensure safety and provide guidance as needed.

* Critique and evaluate student performance to track progress and identify areas for improvement.
* Effectively manage student schedules

* Ensure student instruction is recorded in student file to comply with part 61/141 requirements

* Communicate student progress with Chief Instructor regularly

Note: This position may include other duties in support of the organization. All employees must have a strong work ethic to help with these duties.


– USA Citizenship

– Background check

– Drug-free testing, pre-employment and random testing

– SFAR 73 Instructor endorsement for R22 and R44 helicopters
– Robinson Safety Course certificate

– Work hours must be available at least Monday through Friday and weekends as necessary

– Proficient in aviating techniques and knowledgeable about aviation systems and procedures.

– Fluent in English, both written and verbal, to effectively communicate with students and provide instruction.

– Public speaking skills to deliver informative ground school lessons.

– Guide and mentor students throughout their flight training

– Understanding of Federal Aviation Regulations to ensure compliance during flight instruction.

Pay based on experience:

$25 – $35 per hour for revenue time

$18 non-revenue duties

Benefits for full time positions:

Paid time off

Health insurance

Dental insurance

Retirement benefits or accounts

Other types of insurance

Employee discounts

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Guidance Aviation

6565 Crystal Lane
Prescott, Arizona 86301 USA

We an FAA approved pilot training institution training pilots who set the standard for professionalism and safety. We also operate a part 135 tour operation in Sedona, AZ.

Supported Manufacturers:
Robinson, Bell, McDonnell Douglas

Supported Models:
R22 and R44

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