[Repost] MD500 VRLL Aerial Saw Pilot – Ohio

Aerial Saw Pilot

LaRoche Aviation Services •

Bellaire, Ohio, USA

Position Type: Permanent

Job Description:

The Aerial Saw Pilot will be responsible for complying with all company, state, and federal aviation regulations in order to safely and efficiently operate an aircraft to support the operations of the company. They will use a large aerial saw flown by a helicopter to trim trees in remote locations when they overgrow power lines, pipelines, or other infrastructure. The Pilot will also provide training to company helicopter pilots on the safe and efficient conduct of aerial saw and VRLL operations. They will operate the aircraft in a safe and efficient manner with emphasis on compliance with FAA Regulations, appropriate aircraft flight manuals, and according to company policies.

Job Requirements:

  • Current Commercial Helicopter Rating
  • Minimum 2000 hours commercial helicopter
  • Preferred 1000 hours specific aerial saw experience
  • Preferred 300 hours MD 500
  • Class 2 Medical required
  • Strong commitment to safety is required!
  • Must be a legal US Citizen and eligible to work in the United States. Will have to complete I-9 form.

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LaRoche Aviation Services

7 Commerce Parkway
Bellaire, Ohio 43906 USA

Aerial Tree Trimming Services

Supported Manufacturers:
McDonnell Douglas

Supported Models:
MD 500

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