Helicopter Tour/Utility Pilot – Alaska

Tour/Utility Helicopter Pilot

Helicopter Air Alaska, LLC •

Ketchikan, Alaska, USA

Position Type: Permanent

Job Description:

Helicopter Air Alaska is a Robinson helicopter operator looking for an aspiring pilot wanting a very diversified and challenging position. A good keen pilot will receive 20 to 50 hours ground and flight training before a 135/133 checkride. Confined areas, rugged mountain landings, vessel landings, enhanced autorotation, vertical reference long line are all in syllabus. All training is given and supervised by a very experience 30,000+ helicopter pilot. Job will be entail giving flight instruction, tours in some the most beautiful country in the world, utility work with powerline maintenance, timber harvesting, and adapting to flying that is everything but not routine. Some nonflying skills a plus and a willingness to do any of the odd jobs required in small helicopter operation a plus. Salary accommodation, transportation, and hiring bonus is all dependent on experience.

Job Requirements:

Minimum Experience:

  • Commercial Helicopter Certificate with CFI or II.
  • 500 PIC Helicopter
  • 100 PIC Helicopter Last 12 months.
  • A&P a plus.
  • USCG 100T master a plus.

Salary Range:
$20K -100K

refundable airline R/T after pass checkride

Accommodation provided

Job Ident #:

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Helicopter Air Alaska, LLC

1515 Tongass Avenue
Ketchikan, Alaska 99901 USA

Helicopter Tours, Training, Charter, Contract

Good pay, good training, unique utility work

Supported Manufacturers:
Robinson Helicopter Company

Supported Models:
R22, R44, R66

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