[Repost] [EOI] AW139/B412/BK117 SAR/HEMS Captains & Copilots – Australia

Expression of Interest – Rotary Wing Pilots – Brisbane Hub, Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg, Mt Isa, Toowoomba, Roma

Job No: LFA181
Location: Multiple Locations

In anticipation of an exciting new chapter of growth and expansion, we are inviting expressions of interest from professional’s keen to explore future opportunities with our team. Our focus is on attracting Pilots and Co-Pilots who are driven by a commitment to service excellence as we enhance our operational capabilities across all our community bases through both fixed and touring positions.

What do our Rotary Wing Pilots do?

Our pilots are primarily involved in transporting medical teams and patients to and from emergency situations, accident scenes or between medical facilities in regional and remote areas ensuring that rapid pre-hospital and inter-hospital transport and specialised medical care is available 24/7.

Key Accountabilities

As Rotary Wing Pilot, your key accountabilities are to:

  • Act as the Pilot-In-Command (PIC) or Co-Pilot according to the LifeFlight Australia (LFA) roster, adhering to published administrative procedures and company policies.
  • Follow rostered and on-call duties as per company policies, including adherence to the Operations Manual, ensuring alignment with company procedures and protocols.
  • Ensure compliance with safety protocols and statutory requirements for the safe, effective, and efficient operation of company aircraft. Prioritize the well-being and safety of all staff, aircrew, passengers, and patients.
  • Identify, manage, and appropriately refer operational and safety risks in accordance with company policy and procedures.
  • Implement and actively participate in the safety management system, workplace health and safety system, and risk management system.
  • Monitor the currency of identified items nearing expiry and bring them to the attention of the appropriate manager. Ensure the serviceability and maintenance of operational ancillary equipment.
  • Attend, participate in, and successfully complete all company operational, safety, fitness, and training sessions, including government contractual requirements. Undergo necessary training for current and new business tasks and assist in mentoring new staff.
  • Assist with media and public relations activities, fostering goodwill with the public at all times.
  • Observe LifeFlight Retrieval Medicine (LRM) procedures, maintaining crew coordination and cooperation in the multi-crew environment.

About You

We are looking for experienced Pilots and Co Pilots who meet the below criteria whose qualifications and experience are backed by an Australian Pilots Licence and Logbook.

Mandatory Requirements – Pilots and Co-Pilots

  • Strong communication skills
  • A safety-first attitude
  • Enthusiasm and a drive to achieve and maintain the highest level of competency within aero-medical operations

Mandatory Requirements – Captain

  • ATPL (H)
  • CIR ME with minimum 3 renewals (IPCs)
  • NVFR(H)
  • Minimum 3000 hours rotary wing
  • 1500 hours PIC rotary wing
  • 1200 hours ME PIC
  • 100 hours Instrument Flight
  • 100 hours Night
  • Dangerous Goods Certificate
  • HUET/EBS Certified
  • Class 1 medical
  • NVIS Rating

Desirable Criteria

  • Type Rating (AW 139/ B 412/ BK 117) with 100 hours on type
  • Previous EMS/SAR experience

Mandatory Requirements – Co-Pilot

  • CPL (H)
  • CIR-ME
  • NVFR(H)
  • 1000 hours rotary wing
  • 500 hours Multi-Engine rotary wing
  • 100 hours PIC rotary wing
  • LL-WR
  • Dangerous Goods Certificate
  • HUET/EBS Certified
  • Class 1 medical
  • NVIS Rating

Desirable Criteria

  • AW139 Type Rating with 50 hours on type
  • Previous EMS/SAR experience
  • ATPL (H)

Why LifeFlight?

  • Impactful Mission:  Working for LifeFlight allows individuals to contribute to a mission that directly impacts and improves the health outcomes of those in need. The opportunity to be part of a team that plays a vital role in emergency medical services, rescues, and patient transfers can be deeply rewarding, attracting individuals who are passionate about making a positive difference in people’s lives.
  • Cutting Edge Technology & Training:  LifeFlight provides professionals with the chance to work with advanced medical equipment and aviation technology, enhancing their skills and knowledge in a dynamic and challenging environment. The organization invests in ongoing training and professional development, offering employees the opportunity to stay at the forefront of their fields and continuously improve their expertise.
  • Strong Team Culture & Support:  LifeFlight fosters a strong sense of camaraderie and teamwork among its staff. The nature of aeromedical operations requires close collaboration between medical professionals, pilots, and support staff. The organization values a supportive and inclusive work culture, where individuals can rely on their colleagues in high-pressure situations. The shared commitment to the organization’s mission creates a sense of purpose and unity, making it an attractive workplace for those who thrive in a team-oriented environment and appreciate the importance of effective collaboration in critical situations.

All applicants must have a have a legal right work in Australia (homeaffairs.gov.au), be fully vaccinated and be eligible to hold a Working with Children Blue Card (Queensland) Who cannot apply for or hold a blue card | Your rights, crime and the law | Queensland Government (www.qld.gov.au).

About LifeFlight AustraliaAs a member of LifeFlight’s aviation team, you’ll spend each day helping to save lives in Australia and around the world. Each day will be unique and exciting. You’ll fly wherever patients need help, either for emergency care at the scene of an accident with our rescue helicopters or scheduled bedside-bedside transport onboard our Air Ambulance jets.

We underpin this fulfilling, exciting career with a working environment in which safety and employee welfare are paramount. We operate world-class equipment and maintenance programs along with flexible working arrangements that provide you with a safe and enjoyable workplace.

Source: Expression of Interest – Rotary Wing Pilots – Brisbane Hub, Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg, Mt Isa, Toowoomba, Roma | LifeFlight Australia