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Helijobs.net has the most comprehensive and updated list of helicopter pilot jobs in the world, and we now also include technical jobs.

We would love to expand the site to include other categories also, so if you are working in a category of the industry not on this site and you would like to contribute, please shoot off an email to ten.sbojileh@boj

  • The website is made on a voluntary basis.
  • The job ads are posted “as is”. We do not accept any responsibility for any misinformation that is in the post. This includes the ads sent to us.
  • Ads posted are not deleted, even after expiry; any contact information may be deleted upon request.
  • The source of the post is at the bottom of each post, except the ones sent directly to us which the source will be “Helijobs”.
  • Feel free to share the information by using the share buttons for all most used social media platforms at the bottom of each post.
  • Prefixes:
    • [Repost] Job ads that are repetitive.
    • [Update] Repetitive ads that have a significant change.
    • [Mil] Job ads that exclude civilian applicants.
    • [EOI] Expression of interest.
  • HAA (formerly “HEMS”) jobs in the USA have its own category.

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